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Smoothness Is Achievable!

Many London flooring contractors often face the problem of removing adhesive residues. However, there is a quick and professional answer to this issue. This week we will have a look at the subject of overcoming residue contaminate […]

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The Legal Way To Get Paid When You Are On Holidays!

A matter that concerns many London flooring contractors is the way of calculating holiday pay. There are some basic rules that were changed after a recent court judgement: Guaranteed and non-guaranteed overtime have to be consider […]

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Open Day In Our Flooring Company Was A Success!

The Flooring Group and Lamett constantly make sure that their customers can get to know our high-quality flooring services from first hand. Open day provides a great opportunity for people to get well-informed about every aspect o […]

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Don’t Be Mislead By The Marine Plywood Knockoffs!

As the name suggests marine plywood was developed for marine usage – boat building – especially “mirror dinghies” but it actually has built a reputation beyond the intended capabilities! It was never meant to be used i […]

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Keep The Flooring Bugs At Bay!

Kitchens and food production areas that are mostly concerned with the risk of bacteria spreading and this is why maintaining a safe working environment is vital. The kitchen is the soul of any catering facility and restaurant – th […]

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The Flooring Group – Charity Is A Cause We Are Proud To Support

The Flooring Group is interested not only in providing sustainable flooring solutions, but also in social causes. We are proud to have a donation-based partnership with the kids charity organisation Coram. The team of The Flooring […]

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The Flooring Group Has Renewed Their Membership In The CFA!

The Flooring Group is proud to announce that on 1st April 2016 our company has renewed our membership of the Flooring Contractor Association. Being a member of CFA is a great honour for every respected contractor in the flooring f […]

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The Flooring Group and their contributor Parador share a rewarding partnership for many years that resulted in the installation of a great number of high-quality flooring solutions and many gratified customers. Parador is a compan […]

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Vinyl Flooring – The Durable And Convenient Replica Of Natural Materials!

The Flooring Group is a reputable provider of high-class flooring solutions for residential and commercial premises. Our company performs constant quality control checks to ensure the services we deliver to our clients are of the […]

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The Flooring Group present you Cavalio. Our respectable partner provides luxury vinyl flooring solutions for residential and commercial areas. Cavalio products will suit your modern busy lifestyle as their two distinct ranges Conc […]

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Our London flooring shop is the right flooring solution for you!

The Flooring Group London is the right place where customers can get high-standard commercial flooring and contract flooring, as well as most modern flooring solutions delivered by any London flooring company. We at The Flooring Group London rely on professionalism of our trained and certified London flooring experts in order to provide exceptional quality commercial flooring and contract flooring solutions for business owners and individuals. Our flooring company’s primary goal is to ensure delivering of high-standard and specially tailored London flooring services.

Wide range of flooring types - Hardwood Flooring; Cork Flooring; Ancillaries; Marmoleum; Vinyl; Rubber Flooring; Carpets; etc are offered in our London flooring showrooms where clients can not only choose their best flooring option yet also get a professional advice. All London floorings we offer are provided and installed by reliable London flooring contractors and London flooring experts, so marvellous results are guaranteed. Accuracy, high-quality and proficiency of our London flooring services are guaranteed within affordable prices. There is no doubt that the flooring installation of commercial and contract flooring types is crucial and must be accomplished by insured and vetted flooring specialists - so leave the hassle to us. We always advise our clients not to make compromises with the flooring quality and maintenance as it is a precondition for style, cosiness and comfort. Moreover choosing trustful London flooring services is important as new flooring is a big investment. So getting a professional advice about the right flooring type for you, as well as expert flooring installation could save you a lot of problems. Attention to details, knowledge, diligence and excellence are what we at The Flooring Group London believe in.

Affordable and high-quality London flooring services

The Flooring Group has been in the flooring trade since 1973, with showrooms throughout London. During all these years, our London flooring specialists have constantly improved the efficiency and the quality of all the London flooring services we perform. Working with best London flooring experts who use only modern, high-tech machinery and proven methods we can easily ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers and flooring contractors. Purchase of the high-quality commercial flooring or contract flooring is just the first step but the second, and most important is the proper installation by diligent and skillful London flooring experts.

Offering wide range of flooring types and working with biggest flooring producers, in our flooring shop clients could not only find numerous options but also get more information about the difference between them and if they are suitable for their living space. The Flooring Group's expert staff will lead you through entire process of choosing the right flooring solution, ordering, delivery, installation and subsequent maintenance. We offer you a hassle free complex London flooring solution and all you need to do is to enjoy your new floor.

When it comes to experienced London flooring, company customers need to be sure that they get efficiency, quality and top- notch London flooring services. Let us take care of your flooring demands with attention even to the smallest details.

Visit The Flooring Group London showrooms or call us for reliable London flooring services!