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Coram – Better Chances For Children

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Yet another year The Flooring Group has supported the Child charity organisation, Coram. We prove to be interested not only in providing best flooring solutions but also in donating to noble causes. We are standing firmly beside our beliefs that each child should be given a chance to develop professional skills and emotional intellect. Coram charity organisation is a cause with great traditions in this aspect. Vulnerable kids are given equality and their rights are protected. The Flooring Group will be glad to draw more and more...

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Timbertherm – The Wood Floor With The Heat “Built In”

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The Flooring Group is happy to announce that Timbertherm Flooring is now available exclusively in North London at our Hampstead Flooring showroom. Timbertherm is the world's first wooden flooring with integral electric heating that offers an alternative to dual wood floor and underfloor heating specifications. No more costly plumbing, no more pads and best of all no more screeding. Timbertherm is the revolutionary new way to heat a home. Unlike conventional underfloor heating Timbertherm uses non-carbon fibres embedded in the wood to...

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The Flooring Group – Charity Is A Cause We Are Proud To Support

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The Flooring Group is interested not only in providing sustainable flooring solutions, but also in social causes. We are proud to have a donation-based partnership with the kids charity organisation Coram. The team of The Flooring Group has chosen to support Coram because of numerous, good reasons. Besides being the UK’s first children’s charity organisation with great traditions in supporting vulnerable children, it always finds new ways to help kids. The Flooring Group is always glad to help a community that is responsible for...

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Wood Floors And Accessories

Posted by on 12:00 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Wood Floors And Accessories

The UK’s leading supplier of high-quality wood products and flooring is Wood Floors and Accessories - The Flooring Group newest partner. The company provides everything wood considered, as well as related machinery, care and maintenance products and accessories. It has been established in 2000 and over 10 years has supplied the best on the market, covering the entire of UK mainland. The Wood Floors and Accessories possess the knowledge, dedicated and experienced craftsmen and are being able to do hand and machine finish timber with...

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The Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Posted by on 12:03 pm in Company News | Comments Off on The Benefits Of Cork Flooring

The cork flooring is to be found in commercial premises in general - gyms, offices, schools, etc. Yet, recently this particular type has been gaining a lot of interest from homeowners. We have gathered the main advantages to point out why it should be the next big trend. The soft surface is extremely shock absorbent, adjusting to everything on top. Also, cork possesses natural sound insulation, which is extremely valuable for closed spaces. Another great feature is the ease with which the flooring makes walking on it, creating a minimal...

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Hot New Flooring Trends For 2018

Posted by on 1:38 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Hot New Flooring Trends For 2018

On the threshold of the new 2018 year, The Flooring Group has listed the most preferred types of flooring, that are growing in popularity among Brits. As traditional as they are, Englishmen would always opt for wooden floors, which explains why solid wood still keeps the highest in demand position. Second, comes the Bamboo - a relatively new type, extremely popular among environmental activists. It posses qualities that are to be found in no other flooring. Next in line and holding the third position is the recycled carpet. Following the...

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Contempo Carpets

Posted by on 1:35 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Contempo Carpets

The newest partner of The Flooring Group is Contempo Carpets. A carpet producer with style and imagination from fleece to the floor. The company has an excellent vertical supply chain, uses only the finest raw materials and the latest technology to ensure the final customer is presented with the best possible product. Contempo innovated the industry by trademarking their products. The Bauhaus™ collection is a selection of carefully researched print designs with the sole purpose to inspire and synchronize with each other and all of...

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Raynes Park’s Flooring Professionals

Posted by on 12:30 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Raynes Park’s Flooring Professionals

The Flooring Group is a family owned business operating in the flooring market almost 45 years. With vast experience, the company strives to surpass the competition with excellent service and state-of-the-art flooring solutions for both commercial and residential customers. We cover Greater London and the South of England. The Flooring Group is among the top flooring companies in Raynes Park. We are proud to combine affordable prices with vast resources and absolute devotion to our customer service. Our experienced team of flooring...

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Posted by on 12:48 pm in Company News | Comments Off on Interfloor

Interfloor now a part of the Victoria PLC Group was created by the merge between Tredaire and Duralay. Yet the company has been on the market since 1940. It has established itself as the largest manufacturer for underlay in Europe, providing also flooring accessories. Interfloor, being an internationally recognised producer, distributes to customers all over Britain and the world. This phenomenal partner of ours has a giant range of products, amongst which are three of the most popular underlays - polyurethane foam, sponge and crumb rubber....

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J2Flooring – Stylish Vinyl Flooring

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The Flooring Group has a new luxury vinyl flooring brand - J2Flooring. They create top quality vinyl that is both beautiful and possesses the realistic character of the solid wood. All our customers that need a floor that is stylish, hard wearing and easy to clean, our partners at J2Flooring has the perfect thing for them. The company is a family-owned business that has grown up to cover not only London but the whole of the UK. They have dedicated their lives to creating a chain of suppliers and retailers that facilitate the customers’...

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