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How To Match Your Furniture To Your Floor

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Furnishing is an expression the homeowner’s character combined with the flooring design. And while the flooring is crucial to getting the décor just right, an ill-matched furniture arrangement can be extremely unsightly and undermining a stylish living. The Flooring Group will list a few key point to follow. The minimalism trend Most contemporary arrangements significantly value space over dense and cluttered rooms. Minimal furniture or units that are geometric and extravagance free – is in the trend. Often, the colours are plain...

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One In Five Landlords Intend To Sell

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The Flooring Group has come across a recent survey that shows a remarkable increase in the potential property sale. The number of landlords who are planning to reduce their residential portfolio is hitting a 10-year high. That numbers are announced by the National Landlords Association (NLA). The NLA’s research, which has over 65,000 members, shows 20% of landlords are considering selling up. The main reason pointed out was the government announcement of a series of tax changes. These include the withdrawal of the mortgage interest relief...

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Hardwood Flooring Myths Debunked

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We at The Flooring Group is passionate about all the qualities and benefits that hardwood flooring can bring to a property. Yet, we are also aware that there are a number of misconceptions which our customers regularly fear from. That is why we have tried to debunk some myths and listed below three of the most common ones. The Myth: There is nothing that can be done to stop the hardwood flooring expanding and contracting in unstable humidity. The Reality: Although hardwood naturally expands during the summer and in case of humidity change,...

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5 Flooring Styles From Around The World

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Have you considered what floorings are typical for the different countries and continents? The Flooring Group will guide you through the beautiful and practical ideas to inspire you from the cool, contemporary woods of Scandinavia, to the vibrant, colourful tiles from the Orient. Here are the 5 different regions worldwide with their key styles, looks and trends. Scandinavian style The essence of Scandi chic is the wood – lots of wood. All the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian interiors and flooring types such use pine, fir and oak that...

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The Staircase Floor Choice

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Every home of above a single story will definitely have a staircase with the height, width and configuration always vary according to the building design. Staircases, against all odds, have numerous flooring options. However, the decision on what to select should always be governed by their structural and functional use. Here down The Flooring Group has listed some flooring options for staircases. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can provide both a modern chic look or a rustic earthy finish. Tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The...

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11 Benefits Of Fitted Carpets

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Recently, customers have embraced more versatile floorings choices and have backed from carpets. But isn’t it time to revive the trend.The FLooring Group has listed a few very nice benefits of wall-to-wall carpets you might find useful. 1. Insulation. Carpeting holds warmth and provides great insulation against extreme cold and heat. In cold climates, this is a big advantage. As energy and gas costs are permanently rising, having carpeting throughout your home can significantly decrease the energy bill. 2. A feel of luxury. Just...

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Benefits Of Acoustic Flooring

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The use of acoustic flooring is considered to be reserved for special zones only like hospitals and theatres. But that is not the case nowadays. As this type of flooring has a similar installation to ordinary vinyl, it can significantly improve the performance of the premise, as well as the wellbeing of every occupant. Here down The Flooring Group has listed some of the main benefits of acoustic flooring. Wood comfort without a clatter. The soft shaded warm feeling of wood and woodlikes have been a trend for decades. No matter the...

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Crazy Hotel Carpets: Pilot’s Instagram Account Goes Viral

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We live in the world of social media. So it is only natural that people use it to convey a message or simply enjoy life. A pilot from Texas, USA with an inkling of photography became an overnight sensation all due to the interesting photos he posted of ugly hotel carpets. With funny notes and hilarious tags, his Instagram photos skyrocketed him into the hall of fame, gaining popularity and followers every second. Bill Yong has documented every hotel carpet from Los Angeles to Rotterdam. He found out that colourful, crazy and surreal...

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Top Restaurant Floors

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When it comes down to restaurants the vital and most important thing is to create a comfortable atmosphere that clients will enjoy. Interior designers will be faced with combining restaurant style with menu theme, client target market and owner’s perception. Coming down to the flooring there are even more things to consider - from cleaning and maintenance to safety and durability. It is essential to consider the space it is installed as well. Waiting area. This space is designed to relax people waiting in line to be seated and is...

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The Future Of Flooring

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In the beginning of next year in Hanover, Germany students and artists will explore the world of floor coverings and the largest trade fair DOMOTEX 2018. It will be held from 12th to 15th January hosting numerous exhibitions to showcase the latest trends and technologies in the industry. The title of the event is “Unique Youniverse”, reflecting the growing individualisation in design and strive to explore new avenues. The collaborations of producers and creatives will help businesses gain new and unexplored perspectives. In HALL 9 will...

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