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UK Construction Week in Birmingham

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UK's largest construction trade event - Construction Week in Birmingham   The UK Construction Week will be hosting nine partial exhibitions from the construction industry: Timber Expo, Build Show, Civils Expo, Plant & Machinery Live, Energy, Smart Buildings, Surface & Materials Show, HVAC, and Grand Designs Live.    This year over 650 exhibitors will present a wide range of products, services, innovative designs around construction building. Visitors of over 30 000 primarily housebuilders, architects,...

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Tessera Chroma by Forbo

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All across the industry, we have seen a general increase in nature-inspired trend and the mixing of organic texture with colours. Forbo Flooring systems have come up with a new, high-end carpet tile collection - Tessera Chroma. The collection is created of carefully combined colours and shades, balancing the creation and diversification of workspaces. Tessera Chroma’s palette is composed of 27 sophisticated and trend-led colours currently representing contemporary aesthetics. The collection has 12 neutral and 15 bright colours and is said...

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Interior Wall Concept From Haro

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HARO has set the pace again with the latest trend. They have developed a simple pragmatic solution - where even professional installers benefit from their simple wall cladding system.  The wallboards are fitted at the factory with lines of glue that can be placed on the prepped wall using a little assembly adhesive after the protective film has been removed. The system collects many positive points here as the process needs no tools and no side trimmings when installing.    Haro Interior Walls come in 2...

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Van Besouw 2404 – Give Every Space the Right Character

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A carpet or rug from Van Besouw adds the perfect personality to every room and has been the case since 1839. Their innovative cotton loop carpet is famous worldwide and their carpets are still being developed and produced today in accordance with three distinctive procedures: knitting, weaving, and tufting.   The carpets 2404 are build using strong cables which combine 3 colours. These cables are 100% ECONYL, as a result, the carpets are suitable for any application. Econyl is a  yarn made from discarded fishing nets or other...

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DESSO Orchard Carpet Tile Collection

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DESSO is a leading brand with over 85 years of experience in the production of carpet tiles of high quality. Through their innovation strategy, driven by the three pillars of designing Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle ® (C2C),  they strive to produce products that assist maximize the health and well-being of individuals. DESSO carpet tiles operate nicely together with other Tarkett products with inventive patterns and a wide range of new colour palettes to generate amazing and practical ideas for every room within a...

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Nora Systems Launches The New NoraPlan Signa

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Nora Floor Coverings provide high-quality natural and industrial rubbers, mixed with natural minerals and other components like eco-friendly colourings, which are then pulled into blanks, pressed and vulcanized under high heat and pressure. The elastic property of the materials of the floors prevent the use of any plasticizers and thanks to the subsequent crosslinking of the cleanguard by nora, the surface is dense and closed without the use of additional film or varnish. This means that you do not need to coat the surface, even after years of...

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Is Real Wood Flooring Child-Friendly

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It's no secret that children enjoy spending time on the ground. Regardless of whether your kids just learned to crawl or are already running around causing mischief, your flooring is a potential playground full of adventure and exploration.   How do you know if your flooring is child-friendly?   Any parent would agree that the highest importance when choosing a floor is child safety, however, child-friendly floors also need to be durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance if they are to cope with your children's daily...

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Victoria Still Upbeat Despite Losses

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Geoff Wilding, Victoria PLC's Executive Chairman, said: "Victoria accomplished another record year in 2019, making it the sixth consecutive year of continuous revenue gains, free cash flow per share, and operating margins, despite continuing business challenges.   Over the course of the year, Victoria PLC, based in Kidderminster, also purchased Ceramica Saloni in Spain, increasing the Group's presence in the European and international high-margin ceramic flooring industry.   "There holds a huge market opportunity for...

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How to Pick Your Carpet Colour

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Carpeting can be one of the hardest decorating parts because there are so many choices to make: carpet style, fiber type, pattern, quality, and lastly colour.   Colour is often the toughest customer choice. Visualizing the color in a large space can be difficult, judging from a tiny swatch. A change in color can have a drastic impact, and it can be a bit frightening sometimes even if a change is desired.   Not sure how to pick your color, just follow some of our tips here below.   What is the first color to...

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Amtico Signature Collection

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The new Amtico signature collection is an inspiration for home renovation. The range of designs and laying patterns are able to create numerous unique flooring designs with its 217 products.    Let our natural woods, stones, and abstracts fire your imagination. Explore the initial designs, pallets and innovative products of Amtico Signature. 19 Signature laying patterns highlight the beauty of the Signature products. Customize your own selection of colors and textures or pick from the Designers ' Choice Collection from over 100...

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