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2019 Clerkenwell Design Week

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This is another year in which Clerkenwell Design Week presents all the new design projects and street spectacles. They have all been commissioned specially for the festival and featured around Clerkenwell. The projects aim to push the boundaries of design, firstly by inviting some of the leading pioneers in the creative world, and secondly by processing the design and material capabilities. The projects are tailored to challenge visitors’ perception of the design application, but also to inspire and entertain at the same time. Previously...

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Granorte And Their New Cork Technology

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It is here! It is new! The most modern cork flooring concept ever presented this far. It is the TRENDcollection by GRANORTE - a budget-driven cork collection that maintains all the benefits of the ‘sustainable and natural’ material.   The stand is designed by world-renowned interior designer, Marco Carini, and supposedly gives an ‘immersive voyage through a box-like cork shelter.’ Paulo Rocha, product and R&D manager at Granorte said that the stand highlighted the beautiful aesthetic of the wonderful natural material....

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PU And Epoxy Resin Flooring

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There are two main types of resin floors: polyurethanes (PU) and epoxies. Understanding which is appropriate is very important for many construction industry professionals. Each flooring option has differing properties and choosing the wrong solution will result in costly repairs or complete floor failure.   While both are resin floorings, epoxy and PU should not be considered the same thing. Yes, they do share similarities, such as consisting of two-components (a resin and a hardener), but they are two very different types of...

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Danfloor’s New Products

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Danfloor has made a vibrant start to 2019. Since spring is the season that is usually associated with transformation and change within not only the environment but with a burst of new beginnings. Danfloor is embracing this time of year with news of a variety of new products that are springing onto the market. In early March the company announced the launch of the Portland Wool Twist collection, which is a range of beautifully crafted and extremely durable carpets. All designs are available in two weights, 50 and 40oz. Moreover, this wool...

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Safety Flooring From IVC

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IVC presents Isafe 70, one of the vastest vinyl sheet flooring collections available, suitable for receptions, walkways, congregational areas, cafeterias, retail spaces, washrooms and many more. The Isafe 70 features 36 wood colours and material looks ready to bring great performance to the commercial environments. The products also feature micro corundum particles that are non slip and offer high resistance in all conditions. The company advises that the floors are safer with lesser than visible to the eye standard additives, micro...

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Mosque Collection By Wilton Carpets

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Wilton Carpets has now launched its new Mosque carpet collection inspired by the unique beauty and features of mosques and created specifically for these religious buildings. The Mosque Collection offers a wide variety of styles, motifs, traditional designs and also includes some modern interpretations as well as small or large scale repetitive geometrics. All designs can be reportedly colour matched through their custom dye services, and can also be found in a wide range of quality, so the right level of durability is available for any...

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Milliken Is One Of 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies

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Milliken & Company is the global floorcoverings manufacturer which has received an Ethisphere Institute honour again - 13 consecutive years in a row.   The company was also recently listed among the 2019 World's Most Ethical Companies by the same Institute. Ethispehere is a worldwide leader in defining and advancing the standards of only ethical business practices.   The 2019 Choice lists World’s Most Ethical Companies and organisations who are influencing and helping positive change in the business community and...

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Bolon’s 70th Anniversary With Its Latest Collection Celebrating Diversity

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the flooring brand Bolon. The brand is partnering with diverse talent and prioritizes innovative machinery to stand the test of time. The 2019 Collection is called Diversity and is a celebration of variation, participation, and inspiration by the vision of seven decades of the challenges of being different. The bold personality that drives the company can be found in their styling of the flooring with playful and almost random objects such as giant lips, shiny orbs, even a coffee mug.   The...

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Polyflor And The New EnCore Rigid Loc

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Polyflor has announced the launch of a brand new product - the Expona EnCore Rigid Loc collection. This new hybrid product has a premium rigid SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) construction. It also has exceptional stability through expert engineering and is ideal for installation over existing subfloors.   No matter if you are designing a large scale commercial installation or a small and warm home the aesthetics are just as important. The practicality is vital, especially when considering a floor covering. Here is where Expona EnCore...

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5 Top LVP Floors And Their Advantages

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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floors are the new generation flooring technology that replaces solid hardwood floor and tile. The mimicking of wood images are so perfect, almost indistinguishable from real hardwood floors. LVP is waterproof, far less expensive and much faster and easier to install. It is perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms but can be used as well in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms.   You can install LVP in humid water-logged markets and tropical locations throughout the world.  It looks...

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