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Know-How’s in Installing Carpet Tiles

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You have definitely encountered carpet tiles at least once, mostly in commercial properties. In some facilities thousands of people walk in and out during the day on them walking the same paths and taking high-traffic areas to the extreme, yet they still manage to look fascinating. The Flooring Group is here to discover a secret to this from an installer’s point of view. Why do London flooring companies bother with placing carpeted tiles over just installing a large carpet to cover the entire floor? Let’s find out! They are easily...

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Forest For The Trees

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The Flooring Group engages our audience with another important subject today, that is being approached quite poorly in our views. Exactly how important are trees for this industry? We aren’t here to fill your heads with yet another tree-hugging chant, make you wash and reuse your plastic bags or provide you with some unhelpful advice on how to craft yourself some lousy decoration from junk, but rather to discuss how you can actually help preserve the environment as a company owner or a customer. London flooring experts explain that even...

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Should We Put Down Oak For a While?

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The Flooring Group is here to share you a very interesting topic today. We have discussed with our London Flooring partners and other London flooring specialists in the field about the materials that are being massively demanded, produced and used in the flooring industry. We have recently attended a conference and this topic was brought up to us. “Where did all the exotic wood species gone to, like Muhuhu, Danta and other timbers? Are they about to go extinct or simply isn’t there a market for them anymore?” they asked. Let’s find out...

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Hot Cocoa Floors!

Posted by on 7:11 am in News | Comments Off on Hot Cocoa Floors!

The Flooring Group would like to present you with something unique that we offer. We have recently added to our collection of linoleum floors a new addition, behold the marmoleum cocoa floor. It isn't edible, not that we tried, but it definitely looks amazing and feels very natural. It might be an innovative idea, but we assure you this isn't something that is likely to get damaged easily, hard to maintain or a new trend that is about to run out of style any time soon. Our London specialists frequently install lino floors as they are easily...

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Ever Thought About Being Your Own Boss?

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The Flooring Group as a company cooperating with a lot of other London companies and contractors, there is small portion of them are self-employed professionals. Some customers approach self-employed people with distrust when it comes to them providing a service involving risks, companies often provide the comfort and safety with their large personnel, insurances and warranties and overall seem more professional as a large institution. However through our experience there isn't much difference in terms of quality and you get to discuss things...

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What Risks Do Calcium Sulphate Screeds Hide?

Posted by on 8:47 am in News | Comments Off on What Risks Do Calcium Sulphate Screeds Hide?

There are certain things about screeds that generally contractors might not know or pay as much attention to, however that's where our London specialists step in to provide us with some insight on today's topic. We from The Flooring Group recommend fastening your seat belts as it gets a little complicated. You are going to learn why are we using more and more calcium sulphate screeds and what is the whole process and risks behind applying them. As an example you can take the anhydrite floors. These screeds are frequently used...

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All About The Mixture

Posted by on 5:33 am in News | Comments Off on All About The Mixture

The following information will be useful to know from both our experienced colleagues in the flooring companies in London and around the globe, after all we all try and improve best we can everyday. The Flooring Group would like to introduce you to what sort of an impact can a simple yet crucial thing to know can have to managing your resources while working. Our flooring contractors explain that common sense is a good thing to have when decanting a compound from a bigger unit into smaller ones, let's find out why. Extends the...

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Difficulty of Tiled Floor Installment

Posted by on 12:26 pm in News | Comments Off on Difficulty of Tiled Floor Installment

The Flooring Group is on a topic comparing tiled floors to other floor products and why they are on a different spectrum in terms of difficulty and precision. Our London flooring contractors admit that they often limit flooring companies in the services they offer or they aren't suitable for different areas, since some do not have qualified enough personnel to perform the job or to distinguish if a certain floor is secure for such a job, but most frequently the company doesn't have the equipment necessary for this work. London technicians...

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Who’s Fault Is It?

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The Flooring Group is here to discuss a very important topic, that probably affects every functioning business. Like any other company, our London flooring companies are no exception in this regard. Today, we chose to discuss what our employers or we as an employer lacks in maintaining a healthy environment for the operating staff. We are talking about an environment which yearns to accomplish a balance between financial satisfaction, fulfillment in completing a task, engaging atmosphere and a teamwork synergy. Everyone, especially the...

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Atkinson and Kirby – Urban Hermitage

Posted by on 12:04 pm in News | Comments Off on Atkinson and Kirby – Urban Hermitage

We at The Flooring Group love to feature the work of our skilled contractors and our own. We get inspired by some of your ideas online, we think it is a good and creative cycle, so we keep sharing our work with you. Our trusty suppliers from Atkinson & Kirby helped us achieve some spectacular results on the new project we have undertaken - Urban Hermitage. It is a small studio flat, as you can see from the pictures. With this project we aim to achieve the solitude and tranquility of a “remote monastery in Belgium” to fit the lifestyle...

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