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Small Business Facing BREXIT

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Last June Britain voted out - a precedent in the history of the European Union. The world was shocked, Europe was speechless and Britain did not believe the results. The difference between the results was minimal yet sufficient. And the negotiations started the long procedure of uncertainty for the future. But where does this situation leave the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SME)? Even though the process of breaking free of the EU is going to be long, it will be completed eventually. Will the SME be facing hard times or will they...

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DIY Copper Penny Floor

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If The Flooring Group Ltd had a penny for every single question of “Which is the most bizarre floor design?” we would have made a floor out of them. In fact, that is what a father-son duo has done - copper penny DIY floor. And it looks amazing! Let us guide you through the process. It is possible to achieve this if you have a lot of time and tons of 2ps at your disposal. The installation itself is a very difficult and long-lasting process. Each coin must be placed tightly and stuck with epoxy-based adhesive glue. The greater the gaps...

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The 2017 Flooring Show Success

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From 17th to 19th September 2017 the latest Flooring Show was held at the Harrogate Convention Centre. It went with a total success and over 3000 visitors, as well as many retailers and contractors. The participants were 200 showcasing the latest trends in the wood flooring, carpets, laminate, accessories, tools and many more, creating a more than electric buzz in the exhibition hall throughout the whole event. As usual, the majority of the crowds gathered in the Demo areas filled with amazing demonstrations. Many events were present to...

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Recycle And Win

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Recofloor Vinyl Flooring Recyclers have been holding annual promotions with the sole purpose to encourage more and more flooring companies to recycle their vinyl flooring waste. During September 2017 the event was streamed live on the Social Network and three companies have been chosen to receive Red Letter Days Gift Cards each with the amount of £100.00. The winners were encouraged to spend that in “unforgettable event on their choosing”. It has been estimated that a total of over 38 tonnes of waste were sent for recycling. That was a...

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The Need For Screed

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The Flooring Group Ltd realised that the “Need for Speed” in industrial flooring is higher than ever. In the ever evolving and ever searching industry the “fast -track” installation has been the top leader in the race against time. Here is where the screed in all its variations come into place. It is used as a leveled base for further layer, as a sustainable flooring for a fast build premise, and will be the most preferred choice in the years to come. The screed consists of an aggregate - normally sand and a binder in the form of...

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When The Heart Hits The Floor

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We at The Flooring Group Ltd. know what it takes to serve customers with care and attention. The long work hours, the irregular time schedules - all that flexibility is accumulated in the form of stress and backfires at the worst moment. All flooring experts start work quite early in the day, rarely having time to help with the breakfast or taking the children to school. Their morning begins at 6 or 7 am with a cuppa in a hurry and strive to race through the traffic to get to work as fast as possible. They know that turning down or losing...

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Restore Your Hardwood Treasure

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More and more people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than move. In fact recent study has shown that those who are moving out are less than 2016 with 4%. They are faced with the only option of start refurbishing and redecorating. And as appealing as it may seem, customers may find themselves in a very awkward situation. One of the first things to start with is the floor. The majority of houses have wooden floors and time is never kind to them, specially when neglected. Wooden floors have proven to be the most preferred flooring...

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Water Resistant Laminate Flooring is Not a Myth

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The flooring industry has no unified test for water resistance of laminate till now. What the basic procedure involves is throwing laminate planks into water and measuring the swellings afterwards. Yet, this has proven to be ineffective and rarely adequate to the conditions the laminate flooring is used or maintained. Also the test results are different for individual boards and fully installed floor. No flooring company has made an attempt to develop one as it involves strict rules and is quite expensive. But, there is a solution to that,...

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The Smart Way To Acquire New Capital

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No matter the size of a company every now and then there is a need for fresh cash flow to purchase new equipment, replace old flooring, or simply buy a new car park for the employees. Taking the wrong route of acquisition can seriously dent the company cash flow. That is why experts advise of having a third party do that. The reason - the most flexible and secure way is via hiring a purchaser, leaser or refinancer. Let us dwell some more on that. Having a third party may secure a choice of new or second-hand equipment and even...

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Self-Leveling And Why It Is Necessary

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Self-leveling and why it is necessary In September a Health and Safety study was released reporting over 1 300 injuries related to work condition. Over a quarter of those cases were caused by uneven floor surface. That is why a leveled industrial floor is vital for the well-being of the employees. The Flooring Group Ltd recommends all large areas of foot walk or industrial use to be unified using the latest compounds and products on the market to save up tons of efforts and money. To put it simply - self-leveling is mixing the compound...

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