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Amtico Luxury Vinyl Flooring & Tiles

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Amtico provides stunning luxury vinyl tiles for the home everyone loves. Looking for a new look for the kitchen, a border for the hall, or a contemporary finish for the bedroom? You’ll find your dream floor right here. Amtico flooring Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring offers a lot many benefits over the more traditional flooring options. Designed and manufactured at Amtico’s specialist factory in Coventry, the company’s LVT flooring is of a high quality, a stylish and practical choice for any room in the home. For...

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Westex New Silken Velvet Collection

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The new luxurious silken velvet carpet collection was introduced in the latest Harrogate Flooring Show. It features 20 contemporary shades and the exceptional Westex quality. The luxurious sheen velvet is made by developing 100% Polyamide, 6.6 Antron with a 2 Fold Yarn technique to achieve an excellent sheen and softness resistant to pilling. This type of fibre technology has a tighter and smoother molecule structure. This, combined with the Westex’s products’ stain resistance, enables every piece in the collection to be more resistant...

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Amtico Spacia 36+ Commercial Safety Flooring

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This safety LVT combines slip resistant particles and anti-microbial technology with modern design. The product comes in the form of planks and tiles, that can satisfy every need and taste. Amtico delivers the same standards with Spacia 36+, adding the performance of a slip resistant sheet. The flooring solution is extremely easy to maintain with even lower levels of cleaning needed when compared to traditional sheet products. The Spacia 36+ is designed to resist high traffic, scratches, and dents from heels or heavy furniture and is...

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Forbo With Carpet Tiles ‘For Reflection And Relaxation’

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FORBO FLOORING SYSTEMS is among many businesses that take health and wellbeing to the next level. The company has developed a carpet tile which contributes to a more relaxed and reflective environment at work. It is soft with atmospheric patterns called Tessera Cloudscape. The carpet is mainly inspired by the constantly changing cloud formations and has been proven to provide a comfortable workspace, that encourages mindfulness and reconnection with nature. The softly textured feel and look is delivered by the clever use of a multi-height...

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Plywood & Sheet Materials by Lionvest Trading

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Lionvest Trading which began trading in 1997, has a new wider range of plywood & sheet materials. They include Mixed Light Hardwoods (MLH), Elliotis Pine Plywood, Brazilian and Chinese Softwood, Baltic Pine Plywood, Malayan Hardwood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) & Q-Mark Hardwood Plywood. The company's products are specifically tailored for the flooring industry and are available at very competitive prices. They are also endorsed by BM TRAD. They stock as standard 8x4ft (2440 x 1220mm) in all types and can also cut to size here in the UK...

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Altro Ensemble – Next Generation Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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Altro has recently added LVTs and designer walls ranges to its indoor solution package so that anyone can realise their personal ambitions in every area. The new Altro Ensemble modular flooring system and the Altro Whiterock wall designs combine perfectly with other company’s products and deliver stunning aesthetics. The new additions are with outstanding durability while being all backed by Altro’s sector-leading support and expertise. The additions are part of a package of expert solutions that will meet the needs of all areas in...

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Аmtico’s Inspirational Geometric Patterns

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Designers' Choice are beautiful pre-designed combinations of scale, colour, and proportion that experiment with every texture, tone or pattern for a sophisticated and ready-to-use collection with brilliant design impact! The premium Amtico Signature is being used in each pattern. With a precision-cut and high performance over a lifetime of use, this is the company’s answer to interior design where the floor is more than a functional surface. Feel inspired with these perfect geometric combinations in modern and classic...

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Gradus’ New Design Options

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Gradus has extended its Lafite Connect Space range to provide a versatile offering, including a plank option as well as two new colours. It now features a linear design, suitable for large areas in both commercial office and education environments. According to Karen Burman, a product manager for Gradus, this transitional zoning has gained popularity in recent years. It can also be created by installing tiles or planks of different colour tones which form a subtle shift from light to dark flooring. With this new Lafite Connect Space...

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Posted by on 1:32 pm in News | Comments Off on VINYL FLOORING FAQs – Part 2

After Vinyl Flooring FAQs - Part 1 is time for part two. This time the questions will mostly relate to installation and maintenance. What is LVP and what is LVT? LVP is the luxury vinyl planks, often featuring a wood-look image and the plank format really helps sell the look. LVT is the acronym for luxury vinyl tiles, that can come in different sizes but always tend to keep the standard tile shape. Can vinyl planks and tiles be installed over radiant heat? Yes, however, it is always to check manufacturer instructions before doing...

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The Advantages Of Wall Cladding

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The wall cladding is made of materials such as wood, brick, or stone. You can also buy decor cladding panels to enhance the overall look or design of your home and help protect your rooms as well. These panels can bring life to your rooms, and each different material enhances its look in a different way. Cladding has other benefits besides its decorative appeal. It can make your walls soundproof as well if done a certain way. You can also layer it with other substances to the panels in order to minimize the amount of sound penetration....

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