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Wool Vs. Polypropylene Carpet

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The Flooring Group will help you make the right choice when choosing carpet for your home with the following article. Even though some may say that the wool versus man-made carpets debate is no longer important due to both having a rightful place in the market, the choice still stands for many. How carpets look and perform is entirely dependent on the fibre content. It has a bearing on durability, retention, feel, resilience, appearance, practicality and price. Wool is an incredible natural fibre that offers superb resilience to tear...

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Pros And Cons Of Cork Flooring

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Even though cork has been around for many decades, it has just recently become trendy, due mostly to the fact that it is a renewable resource. Cork is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber) and is harvested from the living trees. Here down The Flooring Group will list the characteristics so that everyone can make up their minds whether or not to use it in a specific space. Advantages Cork has a soft and very cushiony surface. When first stepped on such flooring installation the delight is inevitable. The soft...

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Laminate Floor In The Bedroom

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Laminate floorings are highly practical and very affordable options. They are an excellent option for the bedroom as well, when customers want to have the look and feel of expensive floors such as hardwood, ceramic or natural stone at a less of the cost. Let us point out the best features to assure you this is the option to go for. Laminate Flooring Ideas for Bedrooms The bedroom is the most special part of the home. The low quality laminate floors do not replicate wood perfectly. On the other hand, high end laminate floors can offer...

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Flooring Underlay

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When it comes to flooring installation, choosing the right design and colours is a tough work. But it is also about deciding how the flooring should be installed. There is also need to discuss flooring underlay with the flooring installation company. Here is what customers need to know about flooring underlay and the reason it is important for a good flooring installation. What is Underlay? Put it simply, flooring underlay is a thin layer of cushioning placed underneath the real floor. The underlay can be made of different materials such...

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The Multi-purpose Homes

Posted by on 7:20 am in News | Comments Off on The Multi-purpose Homes

Nowadays the home design trends have real staying power and predict what the future of residential builds would look like. No boundaries but open-plan living As the demand for multifunctional homes continues to grow, interior designers are convinced that this contemporary approach to communal living will make a long stand. This means that the formal dining is being replaced with practical living spaces that can facilitate the seemingly endless multitasking. Preparing for the seasons It has become increasingly important for homes to be...

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Best Flooring For Rental Properties

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Being a landlord is not a walk in the park - last-minute plumbers for fixing busted boilers, wrangling rent out of difficult tenants, and more. However, there are ways to make your life easier. They are all about thinking ahead and taking steps in the present which will make it easier in the long run; such as arranging regular maintenance of crucial equipment, and installing fixtures and fittings to go the distance. In this article The Flooring Group will be examining the best possible flooring for rental properties, that combine...

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Reduce The Floor Scuffing and Scratching

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Taking proper care of the laminate, wood, or vinyl floor will help to increase its longevity and save up the money required to replace it. Here is everything you need to know about preventing scuffs and scratches on the floors or fixing them if they appear. What can cause the floor scuffing and scratching? There are a lot of things that can cause damage, but the number one offender is shoes! Particularly those soled with rubber are the main cause of the dark scuff marks. Similarly, heeled shoes and hard-soled shoes are causing denting...

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The Floor To Have When You Sale

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If you ever remodelled a house you know it is a totally and completely overwhelming process. There are so many decisions to make: floor, paint, then counters and cabinets, and lighting…..the list goes on! But you have to consider also the return on investment. Alternately, flipping the house means to be looking for the cheapest option with the best resale value. What flooring typically yields the highest resale value? Hardwood or stone floorings are always in demand. If those are unaffordable, simply go for looks and durability of...

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Popular Types of Wood Flooring in London

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Recently Londoners have been leaning towards one of the most appealing and attractive options for the home - the wood flooring. Wood flooring can go along with any décor and complements any traditional or modern look. The flooring is suitable for any room with special materials available for kitchens. Needless to say, every type of wood flooring provides unique characteristics which separate it from rest of the hardwood floors.   Oak Oak wood flooring is by far the most popular type of wood flooring. It is seen by many as a...

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3 Reasons To Replace The Floor in Spring

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There is no better season to replace the already tired and worn old flooring than springtime. Spending all winter saying the home projects will be attended to in the summer is over. Even though, getting by an early start in the spring can beat the summer rush out of almost all homeowners, when there are plenty of entertaining things to do in the warmer months instead of remodelling. Today, The Flooring Group will be sharing its major top three reasons to replace the floors this spring instead of waiting until summer hits: All flooring...

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