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Why Resin Flooring Goes Wrong

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As this is a commonly asked question, let's check out all the factors that may result in the failure of a resin floor. London flooring specialists have listed them below: Incorrect preparation – many people have problems with understanding the term 'correct preparation' when speaking of resin floors. Providing a correct preparation is as important as the application itself. Sweep the floor, de-grease it, vacuum comprehensively before the coating work begins and don't forget to check what the substrate requires. Incorrect application –...

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All Eyes On Apprenticeship

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A challenge in front of the flooring industry is how to find a way to attract youngsters. London flooring experts share that there are only few school-leavers that end up in this business – most young people want to do something 'trendy' with their careers. They focus on media, art, technology, marketing, etc. Unfortunately, only a small number of youngsters choose the flooring field for their professional development. London flooring contractors say that most young floorlayers either have members of their families in the industry or got...

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Estimators, Start Training!

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In this article, we will talk about a recent incident and our experienced flooring professionals in London will share with you some important aspects of providing a decent training to estimators. The incident concerns a carpet installed in a small area that wouldn't stretch out to have the expected appearance. A team of our London flooring experts went on site to check what is going on with the project. After a quick arrangement with the customer we went onsite for an inspection. The customer was already fed up as she had to empty the...

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Cards Change!

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London flooring specialists share that a common question they are being asked by floorlayers and their employers is where they can obtain an NVQ and how long the process takes. The reason why these questions are more and more frequently asked is as a result of inevitable changes to CSCS cards driving the fast growing demand for NVQs with main London flooring contractors that put their supply chains on notice about the need to comply. The withdrawal of the construction related occupation (CRO) card resulted in the following: All CRO cards...

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Hands Off the Trees!

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There are inevitable changes in every sector of the economy after Brexit. Аs the UK still follows the regulations of the European Union, the country is obliged to comply with “EUTR”. EUTR stands for European Union Timber Regulation – it is a law that obliges all suppliers of wood-based products in Europe to show a proof that the timber was not harvested in an illegal way. Fortunately, London flooring specialists explain that UK government has come out and said that the EUTR law will still be valid. They mention that it might be renamed...

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Select the Right Moisture Management System!

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It is of utmost importance for London flooring contractors to be able to manage the moisture levels prior to undertaking any floor installation. Today, we will discuss the different types of moisture management systems that are on the market. A prominent London flooring company highly recommends every contractor to take their time to comprehensively determine the condition and composition of the subfloor before choosing the suitable products for the process. A big issue is the excess subfloor moisture. It can result in expensive repair works...

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How To Create The Right Image?

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In order to be competitive you have to succeed in making your business stand out. If you want to have a rewarding marketing strategy you should first have to develop the right image for your business. Just like any other sector London flooring is concerned. But what to begin with? First of all, you should decide on the image. When you are a flooring professional in London, you would want to be perceived as an honest, reliable and exceptional service provider. The next step is to figure what is your target? Are you trading with customers...

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Do You Know The Hazards Of Inhaling Wood Dust?

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Today, we will discuss the health risks that arise when sanding wood. There are many dangers that may arise when sanding a particular type of timber London flooring. In a recent case, it has been mentioned to the London flooring contractor that the particular wood for the case was known to cause health problems when sanded. There were no specific issues mentioned but it goes without saying that there is concern expressed about any form of dust. It can result in long-term respiratory issues and even lung damage. Flooring experts in London say...

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Embrace The Rocky Road Ahead!

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In this article, we will discuss the consequences of Brexit and what is going on with the economy as a whole. London flooring specialists point out that fortunately there is good news coming out but still there are many questions around the effects of Brexit. What they say is that we really can't experience the real consequences until after Article 50 is triggered. Flooring experts in London are concerned that Brexit has led to the depreciation of the margins of companies as they haven't been able to adjust price rates in line with current...

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What If You Have Missed Your Deadline?

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The UK tax law is very complicated and often viewed as a riddle. Because of the deadlines and penalties applied if not complied with them, this issue is of utmost importance for every resident of the country. It is everyone's responsibility to meet the deadlines and submit a completed return and make the applicable payments of tax. London flooring specialists warn that the key deadlines to have in mind are 31 January for online returns and first payment of tax on account, 31 July for the second payment on account and 31 October for paper tax...

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