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Organics Design Collection By Harvey Maria

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The Organics Design Collection combines a soothing stone effect with a square within a square motif and is introduced by Harvey Maria. The collection has eight unique LVT’s from a four shaded palette. Every design is created to a stunning visual contrast between the inner square and the edge using the seamless shadow detail.   Harvey Maria’s Organics Stone Range - Natural, Portland, Jurassic and Cambrian are used to replicate the Organics Design. Four of the designs are with a dark inner square and light border, the other four...

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Carpet Tiles With The Highest Level Of Comfort

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MODULYSS carpet tiles introduce comfortBack - a recycled polyester felt backing that improves underfoot cushioning and feels just as comfortable as your favourite pair of sneakers. It is also worth pointing out that it reduces muscle fatigue while fending off wear. The comfortBack equipped carpet tiles are perfectly suitable for projects which are looking to improve both the wellbeing and the comfort in any workplace. Reportedly it uses up to 90% recycled content polyester felt, while also being extremely lightweight. On the other hand, it...

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Amtico Carpet Collection

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Amtico has introduced its exclusive new carpet collection.  It is a beautiful and versatile range with 11 individual collections of 22 designs and 106 colourways, all coming in two easy-to-install modular sizes.   The collection was created in conjunction with the parent company Mannington Mills. Manning Mills is a long-established manufacturer of commercial carpet. The Amtico collection range brings in high-performance carpet designs that provide versatile pattern choice that is multi-functional in commercial...

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Transportation and Transit Flooring

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As public transportation becomes increasingly popular, in large cities especially, it is a top priority to provide safety and reliability to the millions of commuters using them on a daily basis. Just a recent study conducted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, have found out that using public transportation can reduce the harmful CO2 emissions by 37 million metric tons annually, thus reducing fuel expenses.   With technology now expanding to the public transportation industry, pioneers like Elon Musk, aim to provide faster...

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Flotex Flooring by Forbo

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Flotex Flooring comes in various types: sheets, tiles, and planks. Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring is the only textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.   Flotex Sheets They are easy and quick to install and as that are extremely effective when covering large commercial or public areas. They are available in rolls, generally of 2x30 meter, and are known for the high-quality and unique construction, as they are the most hygienic textile flooring available.   Some of the...

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Introducing Luna by Rols Wool Carpets

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Luna is an eco-friendly tip-sheared carpet manufactured by Rols Wool Carpets.   The heritage of ROLS is the tradition of making exquisite carpets. The heart of the company ethos is the close bond between the skilled craftsmen and prime materials used in the production of every ROLS carpet. ROLS’s story began in 1917, when the founder, Francisco Gomez, started weaving carpets from vegetable fibres with only a simple hand loom. Along with the continuous desire for perfection, he started the business that is so famous today. Through...

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School Carpet Tiles

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Among all of the amazing floors suitable for schools, by far the best is usually the carpet tiles. School carpets for classrooms, universities or colleges must be hard wearing and extremely cost-effective. They are made with the latest tufting and fibre technology in order to ensure the highest performance.   Here are 5 reasons for choosing carpet tiles for schools   Excellent acoustics: carpet tiles absorb sound and block echo. This is exactly why they are a great choice for education environments. Tiles are perfect...

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Gerflor reconfirms its Global Leading Floor tiles and decorative planks position

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The global flooring market has seen a strong increase of the vinyl flooring, easily outselling tiling, laminate and carpets. The vinyl floor tiles and planks are well known for the variety of designs and ease of installation from both the general public and professionals. This year, Gerflor is reinforcing its position of the vinyl floor and tile market by launching several new collections, among the most complete on the market, using a new environmentally friendly production facility and new technologies for the first time...

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Axminster Carpets at UK’s premier rail exhibition: Railtex

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Having an outstanding capability and quality credentials, Axminster Carpets are an established leader in the train carpeting, offering the finest for the industry since 1755. They have extensive experience across the transport sector and service the largest rail operators, providing the most precise requirements. They now account for the majority of all woven train carpets. Axminster Carpets combines high performance together with aesthetic mastery and ecological responsibility. The factory prides on the environmental credentials and...

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Five Indications Of The Safety Floor

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The safety floor is a vital part of the commercial interior, but having attractive ones have not always been easy. Safety sheet is popular and functional, especially in storerooms and clinical environments, but it does not do much in terms of aesthetics. When the majority of accidents happen at work, it is easy to define and specify that the right level of slip resistance must fit the function of a space. 1. Slip Resistance Tests The major two very significant indicators are the Pendulum and Ramp tests. In all the UK the pendulum slip...

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