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The Best Floors To Install Over Radiant Heating Systems

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The radiant heating systems offer gradual heat convection which is silent and relatively energy efficient. Due to that factor, not all floors can be installed over them. The Flooring Group will make a list of most and least suitable options. Best Natural Stone: All natural stones or aggregate stones can be a natural fit for radiant heating systems. Moreover, the stone will retain the heat. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles: Tiles made from minerals are always safe to use and much like stone, they hold heat after the system shuts off....

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Commercial Flooring Specifications

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With commercial flooring, the first thing to consider is the specific application which it will be used for. The ones for high traffic hallways have different requirements than others used in a showroom for example. Everything has to match - the materials, the environment, traffic, and use. There also other considerations, such as ease of installation, durability and maintenance factors. Cost of Installation Any flooring will have an initial cost associated with purchasing and installation. However, there is a need to consider both the...

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The Trendy Wood Floorings

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Wood flooring is the classic choice, even with the rise of wood-look flooring options. When it comes to trends and style, some have longevity in the marketplace and others do not. For example, elongated tiles and planks have recently made a splash. Also we know that Grey is the new Beige and the flooring color trends are really showcasing that. Wood flooring has added this color by creating a “driftwood” appearance. There are also “hardwood looking” tiles in deep and medium tones that are very popular. Gone are the yellow toned oak...

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Choose Bathroom Flooring

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Choosing bathroom flooring for a new home is one of the toughest choices to get right. Not only must it look good and complement the chosen wall finish, but it also should stand up to water and humidity, while being slip resistant and of low maintenance. The Flooring Group has listed a few major options and their use in different households. Family with kids This floor should withstand frequent splashes and puddles of water. The common route is rubber or vinyl. They are both hard wearing and will withstand water well. There is a vast...

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Brick Flooring – What Is There To Love And Hate

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Brick is among the most common architectural elements in the world and can be used on nearly every surface. It gives designers a wide range of decorative options. But used as a flooring surface, brick is facing particular challenges. Mostly made from clay, shale, and kaolin, it is largely comprised of natural materials. Brick for the interior flooring is visibly thinner than regular bricks used for walls and structural elements, with smoother and less porous surface. In fact, they are more like tiles. Brick are even installed like...

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Luxury Vinyl For The Kitchen – Why Not?

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Why is it preferred? For endless reasons! Firstly, the flooring is highly durable and can used for many years. Secondly, vinyl floors of superior design and features never compromise on looks. So, this way customers have a floor that looks stunning and works efficiently. No matter the preference - the natural look and warmth of solid wood or the elegant and stylish feeling of natural stone, vinyl has it all to meet and exceed the expectations! High-quality vinyl floors can take the sharp ends of knives, glass splinters, spills and...

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Flooring For Children’s Bedroom

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The type of flooring that you choose for a child’s bedroom is essential. This means that a variety of characteristics must be in focus when weighing all options. Let us dive into the most commonly used choices: Carpeting Carpet is a traditional choice in the kid's bedroom, due largely to the fact that it is soft and cushions all movement. This surface provides comfort while helping to prevent injuries. The thicker the carpet the greater the effect. Another benefit generated by children across the room. That insulating layer is especially...

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Unknown Features Of Rubber Flooring

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Rubber has been in high demand recently due to its versatility, durability, easy maintenance and environmentally friendly source. It also comes in an array of colours and styles that is spectacular. The most common types are mats, tiles and rolls. Mats come in different sizes and range of thickness and are versatile and easy to install. Tiles typically come in 12, 18 or 36-inch squares, but can be trimmed and can fit any room or to create custom patterns. They are easily installed as are manufactured with interlocking edges. The best...

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6 Golden Rules For Timber

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The timber flooring is highly prized as an eye-catching, low-maintenance and long-lasting choice. The right products, when properly installed, can only add real value to the home and set the tone for all the interior decor. Here is a major guideline for timber flooring:   1. Plan the look carefully Before specifying anything it is vital to decide whether to create a traditional or contemporary look. Timber comes in plenty of shades - from chocolate browns to warm golds. They depend not only on the tree species, while the grade of it...

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Flooring Options Worth Taking A Second Look

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Today we are going to show that there are plenty of other flooring options out there and many are surprisingly affordable. Concrete Concrete floors, whether just polished or sealed only are particularly beautiful in contemporary spaces. They can be a good way to add a bit of an edge to a traditional space as well. Depending on the treatment, the concrete can turn out to be quite budget friendly. Cork Cork flooring always looks beautiful underfoot, with the warmth and a movement that is similar to wood. Plus it is a green...

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