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Concrete Floors – How To Recognize Moisture Issues

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Majority of building nowadays are constructed with a concrete substrate poured over prepared soil, also known as slab-on-grade. When done improperly, floor moisture and vapour can cause many issues. These problems that can come about from either the concrete mix itself - where the slab is not completely cured and holding moisture or the soil under the slab-on-grade - where the vapour barrier is not functioning properly.   Floor covering manufacturers of various products like tiles, wood, carpet or other floor coatings publish the...

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Improve The Warehouse From The Ground Up

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Dilapidation work is important when landlords prepare to re-market a commercial or industrial building. This is usually resulting in costs, prolonged labour, and potentially unforeseen expenditure.   The focus of concern is often the floor, as it is the part of the building which has weathered the most use and abuse. The floor finish has been exposed to various impacts from heavy machinery to spillages of corrosive liquids. But bringing a facility up to the expected standards by potential tenants is only half the challenge. On the...

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Havwoods’ New Stunning Cork Wall Coverings

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As of 2019 Havwoods is proud to introduce their newest collection of solid cork wall tiles to their Vertical Collection.   As usual, the vast majority of this company’s products may be used as both cladding and flooring. Yet, the Vertical collection has been compiled from products designed and tailored specifically for this purpose. It is vital to point out that they have been sourced from a number of different mills. That is the reason for them to have varying construction methods. Different details of which can be found in the...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions by IVC

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IVC is the newest brand image you need when looking for flooring arrangements in corporate and office, retail, accommodation and relaxation, lodging, instruction and healthcare institutions. The business division of IVC Gathering, is part of Mohawk Industry, Inc. and furthermore is Europe's biggest maker of rug tile, LVT and sheet vinyl.   In the past, they used to create floors under the Moduleo (business) and Itec Contract Floors brands, and now with a range of rug tiles, IVC accompanies a demonstrated reputation in the business...

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Laminate And Vinyl Flooring – What Are The Differences

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In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between vinyl and laminate flooring, weigh in on the pros and cons of each and how to make the best decision for your home.   It is extremely frustrating and hard for those, who are not in the flooring industry or really up to date on house and home projects to differentiate the two flooring choices. In general, customers most probably cannot easily be able to pick out laminate or vinyl flooring out of a line-up. And while tile, wood, even cork is relatively easy to pick out...

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Ultima Twist Collection Of Westex Carpets

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Westex Carpets have their roots firmly planted in the sheep farming and textile heartland of West Yorkshire, UK. The company’s contemporary approach draws on the industrial heritage and traditional wool industry. This private company was originally the concept of a master dyer. He wanted to offer a wider range of colour and quality within his carpet manufacture. Nowadays, Westex continues to draw on and develop this legacy with three dedicated manufacturing hubs. Westex is not producing carpets for anyone else, giving their owner a...

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2019 Clerkenwell Design Week

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This is another year in which Clerkenwell Design Week presents all the new design projects and street spectacles. They have all been commissioned specially for the festival and featured around Clerkenwell. The projects aim to push the boundaries of design, firstly by inviting some of the leading pioneers in the creative world, and secondly by processing the design and material capabilities. The projects are tailored to challenge visitors’ perception of the design application, but also to inspire and entertain at the same time. Previously...

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Granorte And Their New Cork Technology

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It is here! It is new! The most modern cork flooring concept ever presented this far. It is the TRENDcollection by GRANORTE - a budget-driven cork collection that maintains all the benefits of the ‘sustainable and natural’ material.   The stand is designed by world-renowned interior designer, Marco Carini, and supposedly gives an ‘immersive voyage through a box-like cork shelter.’ Paulo Rocha, product and R&D manager at Granorte said that the stand highlighted the beautiful aesthetic of the wonderful natural material....

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PU And Epoxy Resin Flooring

Posted by on 2:24 pm in News | Comments Off on PU And Epoxy Resin Flooring

There are two main types of resin floors: polyurethanes (PU) and epoxies. Understanding which is appropriate is very important for many construction industry professionals. Each flooring option has differing properties and choosing the wrong solution will result in costly repairs or complete floor failure.   While both are resin floorings, epoxy and PU should not be considered the same thing. Yes, they do share similarities, such as consisting of two-components (a resin and a hardener), but they are two very different types of...

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Danfloor’s New Products

Posted by on 2:19 pm in News | Comments Off on Danfloor’s New Products

Danfloor has made a vibrant start to 2019. Since spring is the season that is usually associated with transformation and change within not only the environment but with a burst of new beginnings. Danfloor is embracing this time of year with news of a variety of new products that are springing onto the market. In early March the company announced the launch of the Portland Wool Twist collection, which is a range of beautifully crafted and extremely durable carpets. All designs are available in two weights, 50 and 40oz. Moreover, this wool...

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