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Subfloor Preparation

The Flooring Group has been providing London commercial flooring services to our loyal customers for over 40 years and now services the entirety of the South of England.

Our company is recognised for the efficiency and quality of our flooring solutions as well as the subfloor preparation that is essential for every floor installation. Inadequate or improper preparation can cause premature failure of the flooring and unexpected additional expenses.

Being a reliable provider of London commercial flooring means that we always ensure every aspect is done in accordance with an appropriate high-class standard. Any substrate forming the base on which the flooring is to be applied will be designed to withstand thermal, structural and mechanical stress as well as potential heavy loads that may occur during service.

The Flooring Group offers subfloor preparation services that include:

  • Timber underlayment
  • Scarifying
  • Diamond grinding
  • Smoothing compounds
  • Moisture testing & the applications of surface damp-proof membranes

subfloor installation