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Commercial Flooring News

Havwoods and The Flooring Group

Havwoods is a leading British wood flooring company. Through their 44 years in the industry, they have always been committed to quality, expertise, and service at a top-level.

Havwoods’ experts personally select the best timber species available worldwide, whilst opting for responsible management of the world’s forests.

Havwoods have a portfolio of over a thousand different types of wood flooring. Their products are the perfect balance of luxury and practicality for any home. Known for wood that works, their wood floor is good looking, long-lasting, warm underfoot and a design chameleon.

Leading Innovation from Havwoods
The wood flooring of Havwoods Bespoke is a concept, not a collection. In a business scenario, it is your idea supplied in a manner that makes it practical.

Prestigious, high profile projects like the new Harvey Nichols store in Birmingham, One Tower Bridge, and Ebury Square are being designed with complex patterned wood flooring, yet achieving these floors conventionally would be both massively labour-intensive and highly disruptive.

The alternative from Havwoods Bespoke is to create the necessary pattern as full off-site panels, mainly providing a completed panel in an engineered building: considerably faster, much more practical on a busy site, and ensuring an outstanding finish as it is accomplished in a controlled factory environment.