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Jabo Carpets

The Flooring Group retails Jabo Carpets to our customers. Below, Jabo Carpets explain their products further;

Around 1953 was made ​​a sensational invention in the Netherlands. Jan Bosman invented a machine that hemp, sisal and coconut fibers were processed into broadloom carpet. Woven wool carpet came later of these machines. Jabo became known and famous in the Benelux.In the 90s disappeared the company and thus the products. However, the memories and perceptions remained alive! Reason enough in 2011 to resurrect the name Jabo new life. As a brand name of Hill Tapijt example, this concept under the well-known Van Besouw Carpet and stand beside Therdex PVC flooring. The concept Jabo fits perfectly into the vision of the company. With three concepts at various levels, we are a reliable and attractive partner for residential and commercial projects. On one side are natural products cast in a contemporary concept; On the other hand, a well-oiled organization that is fast, flexible and very service oriented.