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The Flooring Group often uses Stairrods as a company to provide our customers with stair rods for their stairs. Below, Stairrods further detail all the types of stair rods you can have to further improve your stair appearance;

As a leading provider of luxury carpet accessories for over 30 years, we continue to develop and supply high quality carpet and flooring products around the world.

Our manufacturing facilities are based in Consett, County Durham, England, where we have extensive knowledge of polishing and finishing our stair rods and carpet door trims. We export on a daily basis, supplying our goods for private and commercial installations.

Each product has been designed in-house and manufactured to the highest standard, bringing quality products to the flooring market.

Stair Rods (UK) Ltd have been manufacturing carpet accessories for over twenty five years. During this time we have constantly innovated in all areas, designing, developing and introducing new products, fittings and finishes.

We design and manufacture all our stair rods in-house, meaning the entire process is handled by ourselves and we have full control over everything to do with our business. We concentrate entirely on our products – this attention and focus guarantees that they are the finest available anywhere in the world.

Stairrods for your Special events and red Carpets

 Lately we have been receiving a number of requests from hotels requiring Stairrods to be used outside for weddings and functions. In this instance we recommend Stairrods from out Premier range in solid brass. We supply the Stairrods in unlaqured brass, this enables the rods to be polished when required and looking there best. They look great against a red carpet, giving a grand entrance to your event or function. 

To fit the Stairrods outside you would use our ring eye bracket wedge and anchor for concrete flooring and the wood screw for wood flooring. 

To fit the ring eye bracket wedge and anchor: Drill a hole in to the concrete/ hard flooring to the height of the anchor. Turn the screw into the anchor. The anchor expands as you turn the screw so the ring eye holds the rod securely. When it is time to remove the rods you simply turn the ring eye anti-clockwise to remove the screw and the ring eye. They anchor stays in the hole allowing you to easily fit the rods for another occasion. 

To fit the wood screw: Drill a pilot hole and turn the ring eye to the required height. This will keep the Stairrods securely fastened to the carpet. 

The hotels we have recently supplied these to include: Hall Cross Hall, Bow Cliff Hall, Alicia Hotel, New Continental and the De Vere Belton Woods. 

Easy bind in a mini

 We recently had a peculiar request to supply our Easy Bind for the restoration of an old Mini. The gentleman’s wife fitted out all the upholstery and fittings within the Mini and choose a purple carpet for the cars interior. They thought our easy bind in the colour Pheasant Tail was a perfect match to bind their car mats.

The Easy Bind finished the mats off beautifully giving the carpet a more elaborate and colourful effect. They where really happy with the results and were surprised at how simple the Easy Bind was to fit, all you need is a hot glue gun and scissors. No need for any whipping or binding. This was especially useful for more intricate work, like cutting a whole for the gear stick.

Our Easy bind is available in twenty five different colours all named after fishing flies, it is a great alternative to carpet whipping and can be applied quickly and easily on site. This means a complete installation can be made on the fitters first visit, eliminating time and travel costs. It can also be done easily in your own home to update the look of a rug or carpet mat. 

French Quarter Inn, Charleston, USA

The French Quarter Inn is a four star hotel located in Charleston USA. They recently got in touch with us about our Skiffers in antique brass.

Our Skiffer corner protectors are beautiful solid brass castings designed to prevent damage to skirting boards and wall corners.

The chief engineer from the hotel thought they where a perfect solution to avoid scuffing of vulnerable skirting corners within the hotel. The engraved decorative design of the Skiffers complemented the French inspired interiors.

 We are delighted to have our Skiffers in an award winning luxury hotel who are currently rated #2 in the US trip advisor and #12 in the UK trip advisor.

 Our Skiffers come in three difference sizes 75mm, 107mm and 134mm and seven different finishes which will co-ordinate with different fixtures and fittings in your business or home.  


We recently supplied our decorative solid brass Skiffer corner protectors to a company called Beadboard in Germany. Our Skiffersprevent skirting corners from scuffing and becoming chipped, whilst ensuring new paintwork and varnish remains intact. are a manufacturing company located in Germany, they supply custom made bead boards for both commercial and home use in a variety of profiles.

They chose our 107mm Skiffers in Satin Nickel, which provide useful protection and also create an attractive decorative feature. 

Beadboard currently have a contract with Deerberg, who are planning to build several new retail stores throughout Germany. recently installed their Nantucket Beadboards and our Skiffers to Deerbergs first retail test store in Hanover. Both products were given approval for the design of all future stores, which is great news! 


 Last week we received a phone call from the BBC; they required some of our Easy Shims for the TV Program DIY SOS.

They are currently in the process of developing home in Houghton Lee Spring. We were really happy to supply some of the materials they needed especially as they were local to ourselves. They ordered four packs of our 12mm shims and two packs of our 12mm side shims.

The family’s home needed to become wheelchair friendly and our EasyShims are a great way to achieve this, as they overcome problems with height differences between flooring. Carpets can be ramped up to 30mm to give a smooth transition; the result is an almost invisible ramp ideal for wheel chair access.

St Tropez, Yacht

 We received a rather unusual request for a large amount of our Cow Dung Easybind to be used during a recent re-fit on a 30m Yacht in St Tropez, our Easybind is a rope design carpet edging that enhanced the nautical interior of the yacht.

 Installing a carpet inside a luxury motor yacht requires intricate cutting and expert fitting but the dilemma is how to finish the raw edges satisfactorily. Taking a sewing machine on board to whip the edges has been done but is awkward and requires more time and a carpet whipper equalling higher costs.

Easybind can be applied on board, at the same time as cutting and fitting the carpets saving time and money. As the only equipment required for fitting Easybind is a hot glue gun, scissors and sellotape.

Iolani Palace, Hawaii

 We were excited when we received a call from our agent in America with an order from Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Iolani Palace was the royal palace of the Hawaiian monarchy and was built in 1982. The monarchy was overthrown in 1983 and it is now a museum rich in history and political intrigue.

Our Stairrods were installed on a three flight grand staircase located in the main hall of the palace. Once again we had a request for longer rods that required curving, which was not problematic to us! The lower flight of stairs required all four rods to be curved as per the template they sent in to ourselves.

The engineers within the factory achieve curved rods by feeding the rods slowly through our pipe bending machine to create a gradual curve. As shown in the pictures below. 

They chose our Premier solid brass range of Stairrods with the Lancaster finial. Due to the size of the staircase they went for our larger 5/8” diameter rod in lacquered brass, as the larger diameter rod suits grander staircases. 

Grand Hotel Ukraine

We recently received a brass stair rod order from the Grand Hotel in Depepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The specification they requested was way beyond “standard” and required a great deal of thought. Also, transport to the Ukraine was a good test for our packaging and logistics departments! We really enjoyed the process of devising a custom solution for the client’s stair rods.

The Grand Hotel is a 5 star, luxurious centrally located hotel. It featured traditional Ukrainian architecture and is very much a landmark within Depepropetrovsk, one of the Ukraine’s largest cities. They wanted to install stair rods on their beautiful central staircase. The stairs greet every visitor to the hotel and are a centrepiece to the lobby. They chose the Sherwood design from ourCountry range, with a Reeded rod style, in the larger 5/8″ (16mm) diameter. The bigger diameter stair rods suit larger staircases, the proportions work better. The main issue was that the stairs were almost 3 metres wide. It is not possible to supply a rod in one piece at that length (and would be very difficult to transport also) and so we had to engineer a system whereby the rods could be supplied in 3 lengths, then assembled and fixed together on-site. We supplied the stair rods with our Front Fix bracket this covered the joins and also added strength to the stair rods.

So remember, even if you think your request is crazy ask us, we might be able to do it! Working out solutions to please our customers is one of our greatest strengths as a company, and something we are very proud of.

Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

A few months ago we received an order from the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah requesting a rather unusual requirement for 78 of our rods the longest being 430cm. They also needed two of the Stairrods curved which was no obstacle to ourselves. 

The Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah is a five star hotel with a beach front location and is ideally located 50 minutes from Dubai International Airport. It offers a luxurious spa and a 18 hole golf course. They required the Stairrods for their grand central marble staircase next to the concierge in the hotel lobby. Out of our ranges they selected the Homepride ½”d hollow rod in bronze, as they are a quick and easy to fit and add elegance to a staircase. 

We have had requests for longer rods a few times before for Hotels and Grand Houses, so we had no problems in meeting the specification they required. 

The engineering employees within the factory have fabricated a method to be able to manufacture longer rods with minimum lead times. 

To curve the remaining two Stairrods all we needed were the templates sending to ourselves with the edge of the carpet and the rod length clearly marked on. And at no extra cost we bent them to meet their requirements. 


Measuring Stair Rods for runner carpet

Our Jubilee and Stargrip rods are supplied at stock lengths

The Homepride and Easyrods can be supplied in stock lengths or made to measure

The Blacksmith range are supplied in increments of 2″ (5cm) starting at 24″ (61cm)

Our recommendations for made to measure stair rods, including finials:

Premier 1/2″ (12.5mm), Crystal, Vision, Country, Homepride, Easyrods along with Tudor, Blacksmith Flat and Ball should be 4″/10cm over the width of the carpet runner (2″/5cm each side)

Premier 5/8″ (16mm), Country and Eastern Promise Dune should be 5″/12.5cm over the width of the carpet runner (2.5″/6.25cm each side)

Premier 3/4″ (19mm), Royale, Eastern Promise Dubai & Cairo & Blacksmith Spear should be 6″/15cm over the width of the carpet runner (3″/7.5cm each side)

We normally suggest fitting a stair rod on the bottom step to balance the look of the stair case. 

Installing Stair Rods

The bracket should sit on the stair case itself, directly alongside the carpet. Make bradawl guide holes for the screws and then screw the bottom half of the bracket to the stair. Do the same on the other side and then lay the stair rod in the brackets and screw the top half of the bracket to the bottom, ensuring the rod is protruding an equal amount on each end. 

On no account should the top and bottom of each hinged bracket be mixed as they are a set, they cannot be interchanged with the other brackets, so we recommend not mixing the bracket components when preparing them for fitting. Note:Stair rods are for decorative use only, the carpet must be secured by another means.

Winder solutions with Stair Rods

Fitting stair rods onto turning stairs (winders) is very easy to do. We can supply our Universal Bracket for most of our ranges – this is an extremely simple bracket that is fitted with only one screw.

This bracket can also be used to fit stair rods on Fully Fitted (full width) carpets.
Fitting the carpet with Easybind means the fitter can measure, cut and fit winders on site, without having to take the carpet away to be bound.

Universal Bracket used to fit stair rods on winding staircases.

Another elegant solution to fitting stair rods on winder carpets – notch the carpet to provide space for fixing bracket. Image courtesy of Borderline Carpet Planning Services, London

Another way of fitting winders is simply move the bracket further along the riser till the base can fit without needing to alter the carpet. Please note you must make this rod slightly longer this side to keep the uniformed overhang on every step. Carpet featured is Masai Emerald by Roger Oates.

Curving Stair Rods

The following ranges can be bent, to suit curved stairs:

Premier (excluding Hanover), Country (PLAIN rods only), Eastern Promise (PLAIN rods only), Vision, Crystal and Blacksmith.

Stair Rods FAQ’s

Will our stair rods need polishing?
Our brass stair rods have a clear lacquer that prevents them from tarnishing. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. DO NOT use metal cleaning products as this will damage the lacquer, causing tarnishing and damage to any finish you may have chosen.

Can stair rods be altered once ordered?
No. It is vital to carefully measure the rods before ordering to ensure the lengths are correct as they cannot be altered once they have been made.

Can the rods be used as the sole means of securing the carpet?
No, we strongly recommend that the carpet is installed by other means. Fitting the carpet correctly increases its lifespan and improves the safety of the stair case.

Premier Trims & Posh Cleaning and Maintenance 

Standard Finishes are: Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze

Specialised Finishes are: Satin Nickel, Chrome, Pewter and Brushed Chrome

Satin Brass and Polished Brass: Trims can be left to age (oxidize) for a natural finish. To keep the brass like new and protect it from oxidation simply polish every few months using a very light acid treatment, like distilled malt vinegar (Sarson’s vinegar), which contains only 5% acetic acid. It is worth noting that the longer stains are left unpolished, the more difficult stains are to remove. For highly tarnished Satin Brass and Polished Brass trims, try using the Salt and Lemon Method. The combination of lemon juice and salt can also break down oxidation, due to the intense combination of citric acid and sodium chloride. Simply cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt on the moist surface and scrub the entire brass surface. Rub as hard as you can to slowly remove the tarnish. 

Antique Brass and Antique Bronze: These finishes will darken with age and add to the aged effect. The ageing process is dependent upon several factors including installation location and atmospherics. To remove finger marks, as an example, use distilled malt vinegar as described above. We would certainly recommend avoiding use of any water based cleaning agents as this is very likely to accelerate tarnishing and can lead to staining and corrosion.
Satin Nickel, Chrome, Pewter and Brushed Chrome: Use distilled malt vinegar as described above.

The information given is based on present level of our knowledge and experience.

The data given is not intended as a confirmation of product properties and does not constitute a legal contractual relationship, nor should it be used as the basis for ordering products.