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Van Besouw Carpets

The Flooring Gorup sell Van Besouw Carpets to our customers. Below, Van Besouw Carpets further explain their products to our customers;

Cotton Carpets Continue To Innovate

The Brand

Stimulating atmosphere

As soon as you step into Van Besouw’s world your senses are set free. There is an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere with unique materials, special structures and trend-setting colours. Van Besouw is a success story of pioneering carpets made from unusual materials in beautiful colours. Van Besouw has a pulsating red heart for structures and materials, with an infallible sixth sense for colours. A successful combination. 

Van Besouw and design

Van Besouw is not only a carpet producer but primarily a brand with artistic and natural designs at its forefront. According to Van Besouw, a home or workplace should inspire and surprise. You can’t fob a customer off with yet another commonplace furnishing solution. Van Besouw strives to innovatively apply different materials and combine materials and colours. The designs are straightforward, honest and basic and use exclusive interwoven materials.


At Van Besouw you will find exceptional carpets with unique structures and a specialised use of materials in beautiful contemporary colours. They are distinctive in original colours and strong in timeless primary tints. These are carpets that touch you and which enable dealers and architects to distinguish themselves in the market. At Van Besouw they inspire each other, themselves, their environment and the customers. They are good at what they do and work closely with partners and clients on new developments, each party using their own creative talents. They catch the architect’s eye and offer added value to the dealer.

Forty-five years after the first knitted cotton carpet hit the marketplace, Van Besouw breathes new life into the product with fresh colour and other innovative ideas.

1967 marked a change in Van Besouw’s operation. Industrial designer Benno Premsela – Van Besouw’s new head of product development – came up with the idea of knitting carpets from cotton yarn. Thanks to Premsela’s reputation and wide network of contacts, the innovative product quickly attracted a more exclusive target group to the brand. To celebrate the anniversary of this event, Van Besouw is introducing a new colour concept for its cotton carpets and adding a new collection to its product range.

A highly successful period for Van Besouw followed the launch of cotton carpeting in 1968. Its introduction was revolutionary in Premsela’s time. The material had been seen as ideal for manufacturing affordable clothing but only suitable for towelling when it came to interior design. Traditional carpet were tufted and so Van Besouw decided for a knitted carpet technique.

The cotton loops in Premsela’s first design, Carpet 3801, ‘move’ in different directions. As moisture from the air is absorbed by the open structure of pile-yarn, the product adapts to its environment. Cotton is strong and has a natural look, which is precisely what explains the material’s current popularity. Consequently, the two freelance designers (former Van Besouw employees who left the firm to strike out on their own) that compiled the new palette of colours drew inspiration from the neutral tones and pastel tints that pervade the Dutch landscape.

Although the past 15 years have brought forth nothing to match Premsela’s bold stroke, the company recently changed hands and promptly set off in a different direction. ‘Cotton is a timeless product,’ says marketing manager Jan Beens. ‘all we needed was a radical approach to our colours palette.’ To reach young designers and architects, Van Besouw has had to turn its product presentation upside down. Designers and architects will find the latest collection in three compact books that provide an overview of the possibilities offered by the various products. It’s an effective, well-organized solution that occupies only a small amount of space.

Van Besouw is anticipating a major shift in the way that ordinary consumer but also architects – look at the interior. There will be a considerable shortage of housing in near future. An increasing number of women are attending university, living in cities and forming single-person households, a situation he believes translates into a need for more flexible and personalized dwellings. Van Besouw is taking the leap with completely recyclable and customizable carpeting.

Client can now order both cotton and woollen carpets in virtually every size and shape, and Van Besouw finishes each custom piece with one of a range of edge treatments. Within compact books, removable samples come in six materials, the client can experiment with all sorts of combinations. We like the old adage “every man to his trade”, but constant innovation is part of that concept.’

New! Van Besouw 2604

The pile yarn is made of 100% re-used polyamide (Econyl).  Woven outlook but actually tufted. That makes the 2604 widely applicable and suitable for the highest project classifications. The standard colour range is composed of twelve contemporary colours. However from 500 m2 you have the opportunity  for custom made colours.

Architect@work London

As an event/exhibition, Architect@work is completely different from any other event in construction because of its exclusive character and its strong focus on innovation.


A rich history of success stories and completed work has been established. Big names, wonderful brands and above all, many businesses, organisations and individuals have passed by. Van Besouw Carpets is at its prime.

Prem 6. collection

The idea is from Cradle-to-Cradle and preferably even further. Number one is reusing products. Number two is using recycled materials to produce base products. The Van Besouw PREM.6 has been developed from the Van Besouw mind-set, applying the highest project standards and an environmental responsible “circle of carpet life”.

M-Multi Applicable

The PREM.6 collection consist of seven quality levels with the highest possible quality classification. The material is PA6: highly durable, easy to apply and infinitely reusable.

One of the most important factors during the developmental process is the choice of raw materials. When developing this collection our long-term precondition was that when the carpets are replaced they would be completely reusable. Van Besouw is the first to supply a 100% PA6 wall-to-wall product and has a program that actually returns the carpet waste off-cuts and used materials into the production process! In addition, a substantial portion of our current product is already made from PA6. This is a material which has already shone in other applications, for example fishing nets, clothes and furniture.

E – Environment
Our statement is: “today’s world – tomorrow’s future”, we must work together to ensure that our children aren’t left with an environmental bill. The PREM.6 collection will be introduced as a responsible basis. We are thus keeping developments in motion.

M – Multi-Applicable
Headstrong and highly durable; that’s how we describe the new Van Besouw PREM.6 qualities. They also have a broad range of applications! A product should be more than just beautiful and have good story behind it; after the sketching and ordering process the product must also be easy to use. We can even customise the desired colour from 480 m²!