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Commercial Flooring News

Havwoods’ New Stunning Cork Wall Coverings

As of 2019 Havwoods is proud to introduce their newest collection of solid cork wall tiles to their Vertical Collection.


As usual, the vast majority of this company’s products may be used as both cladding and flooring. Yet, the Vertical collection has been compiled from products designed and tailored specifically for this purpose. It is vital to point out that they have been sourced from a number of different mills. That is the reason for them to have varying construction methods. Different details of which can be found in the introduction to the product section of Havwoods, among which are both solid and engineered products.


The new collection adds a unique concept in wall coverings. Havwoods offer this 3D Cork collection in many and different stunning designs. The surface of the tiles has a highly textured, raised-pattern finish. This is specially designed to add interest to the vertical surfaces, no matter if the planks were being used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme. The claddings allow imaginative formats and patterns to be created with ease and no efforts.


Cork is the outer layer of the cork oak tree, that grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. Havwoods’ wall cladding products are only produced with a natural cork that has been taken directly from the bark, which means no trees are cut down in the process. As it is a natural and sustainable product, the cork makes for a highly desirable material, which is incredibly versatile and durable, even possesses acoustic insulation qualities.


By altering the colour and the way the cork is laid out, Havwoods make it possible to create a whole range of stunning textures and visual effects. Cork wall coverings will definitely enrich any interior with natural appearance while being extremely sound-proof and comfortable, warm and pleasant to the touch. Havwoods offer cork all their wall coverings in an eye-catching assortment of textures and colours to be applied within any residential or commercial design.