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Aacer Residential Floors

I have discovered an ‘ace’ of a floor covering manufacturer (pardon the pun please), tucked away in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Aacer flooring has a long-standing reputation in providing high quality commercial sports floors. They have three specialty floor systems: Aacerchannel™ a patented fixed floating performance system. Aacer Flex, a shock absorbing performance floor, and lastly, Aacer ScissorLoc™ a flexible performance system that incorporates their patented PowerVent™ System.

But let’s switch gears here because I really want to focus this blog on their residential floors. Aacer primarily manufactures hard maple and northern red oak strip hardwood flooring, but also offers cherry, yellow birch, northern ash, white oak, red birch, hickory and Peshtigo River Cherry. This company has four generations of experience managing and responsibly harvesting their own native forests. In their own words, they manage their company and their privately owned timberlands with respect, and will do whatever it takes to preserve and protect the environment.

Most designers, including myself, are very much in step with green design. Choosing resources for flooring that are committed to green manufacturing is important. In researching this company, they definitely scored high in that regard. Aacer practices responsible forest management and supports only green-minded suppliers. Some manufacturer’s talk about buying only from responsibly managed forests, but they are one step removed from the actual management of the natural resource. Aacer’s owners have over four generations of experience in selectively managing and logging the native forests.

Cherry-Exclusive_300That is a powerful statement from this company, but they certainly have the credentials to back it up. Aacer is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, their forests are FSC-certified, and they are a long-time member of the World Floor Covering Association. Here are some of the beautiful strip wood floors they mill in Wisconsin. Be sure to investigate more on their website