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Amazing Laminate Floor Tiles for Any Room

Calling a product “amazing” is high praise and best reserved for a consumer innovation that truly enhances our lives in some way. That said . . . laminate floor tiles really are amazing!

Until now, variety, durability and affordability have been the driving factors behind this flooring’s popularity. Now, advances in digital print technology are taking laminate floor tiles in a whole new direction with natural-looking textured patterns and authentic colorations of stone and ceramic. The visuals are so painstakingly realistic that they can easily compete with the real thing.

That’s what makes laminate floor tiles simply amazing!

Stone and ceramic looks in laminate floor tiles

Stone – Create the mood of weathered elegance with random block and tumbled stone. These laminate floor tiles take inspiration from centuries-old pathways smoothed by footsteps. Their muted earth colors and the soft edges along staggered grout lines preserve a sense of timeworn artistry within the walls of your home.

Natural slate – The distinctive layers of thin ridges is what gives slate its refined, minimalist look. Natural slate has a metallic component, too, that adds to its aesthetic appeal. All this is faithfully captured in laminate floor tiles. In addition to the familiar charcoal color, you’ll find slate looks in low-contrast, subdued shades like ivory and beige, plus nature-inspired palettes that include bolder accent colors.

Ceramic – The ever-expanding options in ceramic paver-style laminate floor tiles give you even more design choices. Dappled shading and the gently sculptured texture of ceramic-look laminate flooring add a quiet presence and warmth to any room. The muted colors are pulled from the earth itself and rendered as beautiful as the regional clays that inspired them.

Possessing all the treasured looks and durability of natural stone and ceramic, laminate floor tiles have none of the drawbacks. You won’t find these floors cold and unyielding, or troublesome to maintain. Laminate floor tiles are comfortable to walk on, yet can stand up to high traffic and high impact. And not only are they easy to keep clean with regular sweeping and occasional mopping, but they’re easy to install . . . perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

Beautiful results are easy to achieve with laminate floor tiles. You’ll be amazed at how much they can enhance your home.

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