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Commercial Flooring News

Art Inspired Carpet Tile Wins Gold

Commercial grade carpet has exceeded expectations as to design innovation. Actually, they had no choice—the world of architects and designers not only expect innovation, but demand it. The “been there”, “done that” styles of a decade ago weren’t going to satisfy

A & D with simple color palette updates. And as a result, manufacturers researched, surveyed, collaborated, and truly “listened” to what A & D needed.

Think about the types of projects that commercial designers and architects are executing: high-end hospitality, world-class corporate buildings, edgy retail environments, state-of-the-art medical facilities—these are just a few examples of what is expected of them. Carpet is not only one of the major tools of the designer’s trade, it is a staple. Carpet is the foundation upon which an entire design is built. So when a manufacturer like Milliken introduced a library of patterns called “Art Media”, the A & D community was more than ready to embrace it.

Art-Media_Op-Art_Warp_SelectiveFocus_300Modern art techniques and media were the inspiration for this collection of carpet tile patterns. Drip painting, action painting, charcoal drawings, chalk and graphite art, and “Op Art” were all interpreted into soft surfaces. According to Milliken’s marketing division, “…The floor plane becomes a canvas for larger-than-life installation art…” Consider the floor a giant canvas with no size limitations. That’s exactly what Milliken intended when they conceived this new collection.

I am always on the search for something truly unique, and I found it in “Art Media”. By the way, I’m not the only one who thought it was exceptional. This year, the collection won the “Best of Neocon” Gold award (in the carpet tile category). Well done Milliken.