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BAL Offers Uncoupling Product

BAL says its uncoupling solution Rapid-Mat has been designed to need around 20% less adhesive than cavity uncoupling mats, where more adhesive is needed to fill the surface cavities or dimples.
The manufacturer of BAL Rapid-Mat claims the saving amounts to 1.5kg less adhesive per sq m. BAL Rapid-Mat is designed to be simple and fast to lay, with a slim, lightweight profile.
The printed gridline cutting guide is said to mean it can be cut to fit easily using scissors, and can be laid with either side uppermost.
Each piece is butt-jointed to the next, with no need for additional tapes. Being 1mm thick, a 30m roll weighs 8.5kg.
It can be laid over existing tiling, as it offers a minimal increase in floor height. BAL Rapid-Mat is suitable for any tiling project where the floor substrate may be subject to lateral movement stresses.
T: 01782 591100

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