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BAL Products Are Guaranteed For Flooring

BAL now fully guarantees everything bearing its name, including Rapid-Mat, its new uncoupling solution.
Dave Stott, winner of last year’s TTA Tiler of the Year award, says:
‘Fixers do not want vague assurances from suppliers. We expect a clear, written guarantee so that we know where we stand with products.
‘BAL is the only manufacturer to offer a 25-year promise, which it puts on its website.’
BAL Rapid-Mat is designed for problematic floors, such as those that may be subject to lateral movement stresses.
It is suitable for use with underfloor heating, timber substrates and other challenging backgrounds. It is claimed to reduce project time by being faster to install, as demonstrated on video on the website.
Rapid-Mat is available through stockists nationwide.
T: 01782 591100

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