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BAL Quickset Cement ‘better’

NEW BAL Quickset Cement has been re-engineered, with fixers and contractors nationwide trialling and providing feedback to the development team.
The product is designed for applications including underfloor heating, resilient and wooden floor finishes, and in such total immersion areas as swimming pools.
It is said to offer high water and frost resistance and good setting performance, a particular benefit during colder weather.
In normal conditions, the screed is designed to bear foot traffic after three hours; tiling onto bonded screeds or renders can begin after as little as four hours, or 48 hours for floating or unbonded screeds.
It is claimed to have a 60-minute pot life and to be pumpable. Available in 20kg sacks, the use of valve sack packaging is designed for easier machine loading.
T: 01782 591100

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