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Bamboo Flooring Support Pink Ribbon

Versatile and tough – these are two words that fittingly describe bamboo flooring. Who would have thought that this amazing flooring product is actually one that has been created out of grass instead of wood? Now, for those of you who don’t know, bamboo is decorative, useful and globally popular source material that is not only meant to furnish aesthetic and beautiful floors but also has multiple uses in construction; from building exterior rafters and walls, to doors and roofing tiles. Because of its versatility, bamboo can be installed in almost any room, either above or below the ground. It does not easily dent, scratch or wear out in any place and it can easily accommodate massive amounts of foot traffic. That’s why it’s perfect for crowded areas like corridors and living rooms. In addition, bamboo flooring has minimal care and maintenance demands. That’s why it’s great to use in offices, schools, studios, hotel lobbies, auditoriums, conference halls and restaurants. Bamboo flooring is also naturally moisture resistant to its tropical nature and part of its manufacturing process has made it capable of prolonged moisture and wetness endurance.

Today, there is a slight competition between bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring because both product posses beautiful features, and equally impressive durability. The popularity of both these flooring materials cannot be denied due to their similarity. But, come to think about it, both floors should not be placed in contention against each other since they have some unique features that make them special individually. Bamboo flooring showcases an exotic and unique look, not to mention, one-of-a-kind patterns only innate with bamboo. It is boasts of clean and graceful lines with grain patterns on the side. With all its remarkable features, easy maintenance requirements and affordable price, bamboo flooring is one viable alternative to hardwood flooring. For more details and tips regarding bamboo floor, visit IFloor provides great insight regarding the product as well as cost-saving deals and promotions. With so much experience in the flooring retail industry, IFloor will be able to give you valuable resources to help you choose which among the bamboo patterns and colors fits your plan. They also make sure that you will choose the best bamboo flooring for your home, ensuring long lasting satisfaction.