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Being Green Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Craig Pawson on sustainability

MANY companies strive to produce eco-friendly products to benefit the environment. However, being truly eco-friendly goes much further than the product.
To be considered as an ethical environmentally sensitive company, the everyday running of the business must also be taken into account.
A business can easily reduce its environmental footprint by simply becoming more aware of the everyday items they purchase, how the items are used in the office, through to how they dispose of them. Actively recycling waste produced by the office and purchasing recycled items where possible are small changes which lead to a more eco-friendly approach.
There are key benefits to running a genuinely eco-friendly business. As well as reducing the environmental impact for the benefit of all, it can generate lower costs and improve a company’s reputation with its customers.
n Company reputation: Younger generations are becoming increasingly educated on the topic of eco-friendly businesses. Whether or not they are the customer base now, at some point they will be and with their knowledge they will be demanding products and services from companies that abide by certain standards.
A company that has environmentally friendly practices is likely to attract a loyal, like-minded customerbase. It is therefore important to show that you understand environmental policies, and that you’re a leader in the field.
It can prove a competitive advantage to be an environmentally friendly company. An eco-friendly approach can not only appeal to customers but also provides significant PR and marketing opportunities.
n Reduced costs: Taking an environmentally friendly approach does not necessarily involve extra costs.
Initially, there may be costs involved in evolving company practices and processes. However, in the long run, the added benefits can be profitable.
For example, energy in the workplace is a big cost. Simple steps, such as, lowering energy consumption through installing energy efficient LED light bulbs, properly insulating the building, improving controls all contribute to reducing energy costs and earn a payback on investment.
Recycling and re-using products in the workplace is another cost-saving approach that can benefit the environment.
Giving workers recycling bins to encourage less waste is a simple step, along with sending out invoices electronically, where possible, and also re-using paper and cardboard boxes.
n The Ethical Organisation Company: It uses 15 different ethical criteria under three general headings of environment, animals and people to compare the ethical and corporate social responsibility of hundreds of companies.
It provides outstanding companies with ethical accreditation, which has just been received by Osmo.
Craig Pawson is Osmo’s wood and finishes specialist.
T: 01296 481220

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