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Brand Name Floors – Are They Worth It?

The idea of buying brand name flooring has often been discussed here on this blog and elsewhere as well.

The real question at the heart of that idea remains: Is buying the brand name worth the extra money?

In the flooring market there are some industry brand names, but most end users especially consumers are not aware of brand names. Very few consumers without being prompted can name one or more brand names of flooring. When asked about a name like Armstrong, Mohawk or Pergo some people will have an awareness of those names, but not really have a strong brand image for each one.

Apparel, fragrances even plumbing fixtures and windows have well known brand names and flooring as an industry is in stark contrast to that.

The manufactures of flooring say that because consumers don’t buy flooring very often it is hard to justify the branding expense. (Although stainmaster is a brand that would prove otherwise, it is only a licensed name not a manufacturer.) Whatever the reasons are can be discussed by experts elsewhere the only question poised today is: is it worth extra money to pay for brand name flooring.

Rather than putting together a 20 page case study let’s just cut to the chase: No it is not worth it.

If you as a consumer, builder or end user of whatever type are not familiar with the brand name then they are all equal to begin with. Now you should compare features and benefits AND price. The big brands of the world would have you believe they have superior features and benefits to newer products in the market and that justifies their higher prices. Most often that is not the case based on case studies over the past 10 years.

It is now very common to find flooring with similar or superior specifications available below the comparable prices of industry leading brand names. As always, you have to trust who you buy from so just because someone says it is as good or better than a leading brand name doesn’t mean it is, but if you trust your supplier then you have every reason to trust that you are getting a better value.