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Broadway Added To Emser Portfolio

Just the word “Broadway” conjures up some lively images: busy thoroughfares bustling with sophisticated pedestrians, colorful jumbo-trons advertising the latest and greatest products, brightly lit theaters hosting cutting-edge entertainment. So as Emser Tile’s latest product introduction is called “Broadway”, you would correctly expect it to be something special.

Broadway is a highly-polished glazed porcelain that echoes the beauty of real marble. Emser is quite proud of their HD Technology, and that is the technology that produced the realistic marble veining characteristic of “Broadway”.

Product development teams are tuned in to the consumers’ wish list for flooring products. Some of the top cited “must-haves” are products that are easy maintenance. Natural-looking manmade products are also high on the list. And finally, well priced products that offer the authentic looks of real stone, wood, marble, etc. (without the higher price tag) are much in demand. That checklist aligns well with the features/benefits Broadway has to offer.

Designers, in particular, are always searching for unique sizes for tile applications, and Broadway certainly answers that call. 13” x 13”, 17” x 17” and 12” x 23” tiles are available, in addition to coordinating trim pieces. Four colors capture authentic marble colors: Andrassy, Gracia, Paulista and Reforma.

Let’s switch to the aesthetic these tiles bring to a design. Large format, high gloss floor tiles give an expansive feel to any room. Contemporary but elegant, Broadway is one of those transitional floor covering products that will suit most applications. Emser Tile has been very active with new introductions this year. Be sure to tour and click on “new arrivals” to see all the latest additions.