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Brought To Heal

Flooring in healthcare locations is playing an increasingly important role:

Altro Aquariussafetyflooring has been used by a family in Bedfordshire which had a disabled relative coming to live with them.

An area of concern for the Riley family was the bathroom floor, which had to be safe for all the family, as well as for the carers who would be coming into the home. When the Rileys contacted their local authority to find out about Disabled Facilities Grants for adaptations, they were advised that studded safety flooring (suitable for bare feet use in wet areas) should be used in the bathroom to meet safety standards.

Mrs Riley had struggled to clean studded safety flooring in her mother’s previous Housing Association accommodation, so she knew she didn’t want it in her home. However, a relative working for Altro Floors recommended Aquarius.

The new flooring is said to have a guaranteed performance in wet or dry conditions for combined shoe and barefoot use – including hard soled, rubber and training shoes.

With Easyclean Maxis PUR technology, it is claimed to offer significant savings on cleaning and maintenance over its lifecycle compared to non PUR-treated safety flooring, and comes in a range of warm, homely chipped and non- chipped colours.

Mrs Riley comments: ‘Aquarius is easy to keep clean and looks nice in our bathroom. The colours are nice and we picked one that matched our wall tiles and gave a homely feel.’

Altro Aquarius is the result of three years’ research and development in response to customer feedback. Achieving over 36 in TRRL pendulum tests and Class B to DIN51097 for barefoot use, it is said to provide optimum slip resistance in both wet and dry environments.

The product is described as highly flexible and able to cove and weld easily, making it suitable for confined areas such as domestic bathrooms or ensuites. It offers a fully integrated wall and floor system in conjunction with Whiterock wall cladding, for use in wet rooms and other areas where safety and hygiene are critical. Both products include integral Altrosan bacteriostat, which is claimed not to support the growth of MRSA and similar organisms.

BASF Mastertop1300flooring systems are said to meet the complex challenges of healthcare environments, being resilient, long lasting and very low emission, with dense, easily cleanable, anti-skid surfaces that do not support bacterial growth.

Liquid-applied for a seamless finish, Mastertop provides a non- porous surface that is designed to minimise bacteria both on the surface and within the area under the flooring thanks to its monolithic bond, which also prevents liquid ingress at joints and junctions between different types of floorcovering. Joints with vertical surfaces can be made seamless using readymade skirting mouldings.

BASF’s detailed cleaning and care instructions reportedly allow economical maintenance without corrosive or environmentally unsafe cleaning agents.

Different regimes are offered for low, medium and high-risk areas and all floors can be cleaned effectively by mop or machine using a variety of sanitising agents.

Mastertop is claimed to be chemically resistant to blood, saline, alcohol, disinfectants and cleaning compounds. Where anaesthetic gases and sensitive electronic equipment are used, anti-static grade systems are available.

Branagan Flooring Services reportshavingalong track record in providing quality floor finishes for the healthcare sector, ranging from the highly specialised, such as operating theatre floors, to the more general, public waiting rooms in surgeries.

Branagans has replaced vinyl floors in surgeries and clinical treatment rooms in GP practices throughout the north-west. In all cases non-slip products were specified with site formed coved skirtings for hygiene.
The company has a flexible approach to installations, completing the job out of hours where possible so that the practices can continue their business as usual.

Branagans were selected to install new floors for operating theatres at BMI Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle,
Manchester. Using Altro flooring and site-formed coved skirtings; the refit was scheduled over six months around the hospital’s busy operating programme. Branagans also had to install non-slip vinyl flooring in treatment rooms at the psychiatric unit at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, where polyclad wall cladding was installed to ensuite bathrooms.

In the community healthcare sector, Branagans is currently providing vinyl and carpet to a new dementia care unit in St Helens, Merseyside and is also installing flooring in a new day care centre in Newstead,


CFS Carpets offersawide selection of healthcare carpets, including impervious backed broadloom.
Its range of carpets and carpet tiles feature plain and patterned designs and a wide colour bank. These ranges are said to be competitively priced with excellent cleaning properties and a 10 year guarantee. Large stocks are held at Carpet and Flooring, one of the UK’s largest flooring distributors and deliveries can be made within 24 hours to mainland UK.

Supreme Care is one of CFS’s best selling healthcare carpets and is available from all UK Carpet & Flooring distribution centres.

Dycem makespolymeric flooring designed to play a vital part of an integrated contamination control programme, which it says greatly reduces infections in healthcare locations.Polymeric flooring has apparently long been recognised as effective in preventing foot and wheel borne contamination from entering critical environments.
The antimicrobial efficiency of Dycem’s flooring is claimed to be of immense benefit to hospitals and healthcare units as it is designed to effectively inhibit the growth of over 50 various organisms including Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria and MRSA.

Independent tests at Glaxo SmithKline reportedly prove that Dycem high performance contamination control zones prevent 99.9% of all foot and wheel borne contamination from entering a critical area. Polymeric flooring has also been proven to reduce airborne contaminants by 75%.

Dycem can reportedly be used at all entrances to prevent the ingress of microbial contamination, all exits to reduce the risk of cross infection and inside the critical areas to reduce the amount of airborne microbes.
It can also be used outside operating theatres, post recovery areas, ITU’s, CSSD, isolation wards and other critical areas to help protect the health of the patients and staff from infection, says the company.

F Ball and Co subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives were installed at St Charles Hospital, London. Specified for the main reception area and access and service corridors by flooring contractor Shedon Interiors, Stopgap Green Bag reportedly provides excellent smoothing properties and a seamless finish for hospital floors.

St Charles Hospital, North Kensington, London, has a minor injuries unit and rehabilitation department for the elderly. As part of continued maintenance at the Grade II listed building, the floors in the main reception area and main corridors were refurbished.

The existing vinyl flooring, screed and adhesive residues were removed using mechanical means, before priming the subfloor using undiluted Stopgap P131. A general purpose neoprene primer, it is designed to prevent smoothing underlayments drying out too rapidly and promotes their adhesion to the subfloor.

To create a smooth surface for the vinyl, Stopgap Green Bag 114 was installed directly onto the primed subfloor surface at a thickness of 7- 8mm. Offering a high compressive strength, Green Bag 114 is designed for heavy-duty areas such as the hospital reception and corridors.

The protein-free and low odour formulation of the product is said to make it suitable for clinical and biologically sensitive environments. With good flow and self-smoothing properties, Green Bag 114 reportedly provided ease of installation for the 500sq m reception and corridor area.

Paul Grayling, director at Shedon Interiors, comments: ‘Stopgap Green

Bag 114 is comparable to a water- based formulation in terms of ease of use, plus the finish it provided was excellent. It minimised installation time, allowing us to keep within the short lead times set by the hospital.’
After installation of the smoothing underlayment, Styccobond F46 adhesive was used to secure Altro Chrysalis and Ethos vinyl floorcoverings to the subfloor.

A solvent free, pressure sensitive adhesive, F46 reportedly dries to a permanent tack and has an indefinite open time, helping to maintain the long-term performance of the floorcovering.

Designed for vinyl coverings, the product is said to minimise the effect of adhesive shadowing through the surface for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Gerflor floorcoveringswere used by New Century Care Group for upgrading its 27 care homes. Project manager, Frankum & Company, evaluated various flooring, hand rail and wall protection systems. This led to a pilot scheme at the Group’s Buxton Lodge care home at Caterham-on-the-Hill, Surrey.

As a result, Gerflor became the group’s sole supplier of vinyl flooring and wall protection systems as the phased refurbishment plan, which has already seen seven homes completed, is rolled out nationally.

Gerflor has extensive experience of working in the health sector, especially as it offers seamless, hygienic solutions and wide colour ranges. Within the care homes, Gerflor’s flooring and wall protection systems are used both in the residential areas and back of house in kitchens, staff rest rooms and toilets.

Residents’ bedrooms feature Taralay Impression Comfort flooring in Bamboo Tea employed to contrast and coordinate with the decorative schemes.

The product is described as having excellent acoustic and shock absorption properties and low whole- life costs due to Protecsol, a surface treatment said to ensure no polish is required, and Sanosol anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment.

The ensuites and wetrooms are finished with Taradouche Elegance SD in cactus. This hot welded shower system is designed for a safe, hygienic and waterproof finish for barefoot wet areas.

In the dining rooms and other public areas, Nera Contract Wood Wengue Safari was selected due to its appearance, dimensional stability and resistance to indentation. With a printed wood design, it is said to offer outstanding performance and low maintenance due to its Sanosol and polyurethane surface treatment (PUR).
Tarasafe non-treated safety flooring in magnesium and copper from the Elements range is specified for back-of-house areas and ramps, also with Sanosol treatment.

SPM Decosheet wall protection and Escort 40 handrails are used in the main circulation areas, where there is potential for damage from wheelchairs and kitchen and housekeeping trolleys, and where residents need a handrail for support. Further protection is added through the use of Cornea 60 corner protectors on all external angles. These are in cream so blend with the Decosheet.

The key advantage of Decosheet is reportedly its ability to protect walls from long-term damage, thus reducing ongoing maintenance costs and maintaining a fresh look without the need for redecoration.

For New Century Care, the advantages of using Gerflor for all vinyl flooring and wall protection mean training and maintenance regimes simplified as there are fewer products to consider and the need for cleaning materials is significantly reduced.

Craig Prior, director of business development, New Century Care Group, comments: ‘Gerflor offers an excellent product which fits our needs in terms of safety and infection control while the many different colours available match our decorative schemes. The products tick all the boxes and we’re happy with how they’re performing.’

Mapei saysithasproducts suitable for highly sensitive healthcare environments, including. Mapeproof 1K Turbo DPM; Eco Prim T & Eco Prim Grip primers; Latexplan Trade, Ultraplan Eco, Ultraplan renovation screed levelling compounds in addition to the Ultrabond Eco adhesive range. These products are designed to cope with the high concentration of traffic and pollutants in hospitals.

They are EC1 low-emission of VOC offering a safer application for the installer and the surrounding environment, whilst still performing to the highest standards. They guarantee hygienic quality standards are met, both during installation and after the floorcoverings are applied.

Polyflor Distinctive Pearlazzo PUR homogeneous flooring has been installed in five new operating theatres at Warwick Hospital as part of a £4m refurbishment.

The hospital invested in high quality equipment and finishing materials to upgrade the 20-year-old theatres, which now include an advanced, integrated laparoscopic theatre, the first of its kind in the WestMidlands.
Pearlazzo PUR flooring reportedly provides the aesthetic,hygiene and maintenance benefits required for these surgical facilities.

The product can be weldedat the seams to create a continuous, impermeable surface offeringno sanctuary todirt andbacteria.

Independent testsdemonstrate that theproduct constructioninhibits MRSAgrowthonthe flooring. ThisPURreinforcement, combinedwitha superior closed surface finish, facilitates a lowcost, lifetimepolish-free maintenance regime, achieving savings ofupto 48% compared with standard vinyl flooring, according to Polyflor

The PUR is said to significantly reduce chemical and water usage by up to 55% compared to traditional maintenance procedures. The product also achieves the highest possible BRE Global Environmental A+ Rating (ENP 336) based on a lifecycle analysis over a building’s life of 60 years.

Uzin WK222solvent-free contact adhesive was used to install most wall and floor claddings in seclusion rooms at Northgate Hospital, Morpeth. The hospital required safe indoor air quality during the refurbishments. WK 222 was used to keep VOC’s to a minimum during the refurbishments.

It is reportedly the first solvent- free contact adhesive to be awarded an EC 1 classification for being totally solvent-free and guarantees low emissions. Uzin says it not only meets the highest requirements on occupational safety and environmental protection, according to the hazardous substances ordinance, but also meets consumer demands for a healthy indoor environment.

Although solvent-free, WK 222 is described as a powerful contact adhesive with a short open time and ready for immediate load-bearing. As a neoprene based adhesive, it is said to give exceptional performance and can be applied the same way as traditional solvent based products.

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