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Carpet Tiles – Yes Indeed

A recent story about carpet tiles only reinforces the idea that carpet will soon face a change of it’s own.

Like vinyl has had to adopt to a new format and like laminate has changed to be 100% click from it’s glued days and like hardwood is now mostly pre-finished rather than finished on site carpet too will now have to adapt or lose market share.

People like the idea of having carpet in certain areas of the home, but they don’t like the hassle of the installation or the tear out etc…

If you could simply buy 10 boxes, go home and put them on your subfloor, cut the edges and then take a break that could seriously change the game for carpeting.

Carpet tile is more expensive than roll carpet due to the backing and how it is made, but it is much easier to install as well.

Carpet tile can be easily adapted for most uses, although stairs will not work.

Watch out roll carpet – your days may be numbered.