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Catering For All Tastes

IN today’s interiors market, there is no shortage of inspiration. Rather than singular trends that previously steered our sector, there is now a wealth of different key styles to cater for all tastes.

The glamourous, opulent look is set for a big revival; the industrial trend is being given a softer edge and the natural, rustic look is as popular as ever. What a mix!

Leading manufacturers are producing design-led wood flooring in a spectrum of shades and finishes. The choice is endless. But, unbeknown to many, there’s a lot going on below the surface too.

Just as colour and decorative trends steer wood floor designs, so too do the format of furnishings. For years, multi-layered ‘floating’ wood floors have dominated the market for various reasons; quality designs, like those from Kährs, offer a high performance floor format that’s eco-friendly and easy to install.

And, whilst the popularity of the floating floor is set to increase even further, a new breed of on-trend engineered stick-down formats is also emerging.

Bonded installations do have their advantages. They give a more solid feel, eliminate the need for expansion gaps and allow exceptionally heavy items to be placed on top without restricting movement.

Bonded products work well in specific applications. In domestic kitchens, on-trend island units with bulky granite surfaces can be very heavy. This can restrict the movement of a floating wood floor, making a stick-down installation preferable.

Heavy retail counter tops also work well with bonded floors. When combined with underfloor heating, a bonded installation also conducts heat really well, as no air gaps are present. Catering for this niche, we’ll be introducing Masters Collection this spring.

Rather than being constructed from three layers of wood, it has a two-layer format; the floor is designed for bonded installation and the subfloor forms the base layer. The collection is available in Oak, Walnut and Hard Maple, with a variety of surface finishes.

We’re lucky to work in a market where there are so many different floor styles and formats available. It allows us to specify the right product to suit the application, in terms of both performance and aesthetics – with natural features that only a wood floor can provide.

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Harvey Booth is sales & marketing director at Kährs (UK)

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