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CFA Has A Record Of Sustainability Focus

READERS of CFJ should have received a free copy of the CFA Guide to Sustainability with the magazine in March.
It’s an annual publication and much credit must go to Alan Bakalor and all the team at Kickstart who edited and produced what I think is becoming increasingly seen as a key point of reference for those wishing to stay up to date in this increasingly important field. It is also available in digital form from our website
In fact, my assertion of the importance of sustainability in flooring was the basis of a short presentation I was asked to make at the Recofloor awards in March. Our guide, the CFA’s work in sustainability with our manufacturing committee and the Flooring Sustainability Partnership (FSP), the support we offer contractor members and feedback received, all provide a perspective that Jane Gardner from Recofloor asked me to share.
Our guide gave me lots of material to consider for my speech. It offers information from leading manufactures’ on their respective approaches to sustainability, but this year’s guide also focuses a lot more on the flooring contractor with articles relating to their experiences.
For example there is an article by Alan Gayle, our president, which originally appeared in CFJ January 2014 issue. Alan discusses his views on the economics of recycling as a typical SME. He makes some interesting observations and as with many things he has said during his presidency, I believe his views are shared by many others and add a common perception of reality to the debate.
His main point is that all businesses have to consider the ‘cost’ of anything they do and whether it adds value. I suspect that with this subject, as with many others in the diverse world of flooring, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.
Recofloor are confident that with the rising costs of skips and sending material to landfill, and some effort from contractors involved, they can make the numbers add up. But I am clear in my mind that the additional benefits of such schemes, beyond the obvious environmental ones, may not always appear directly on the balance sheet.
For those who continue to engage, it is also about the marketing opportunity to use affiliations (and awards!) to win contracts. Albeit on a practical level I am assured that more and more tenders ask for details of waste management. CFA therefore offers an environmental policy template for members to use as part of their pre-qualification and tender documentation.
Alan Gayle attended the Recofloor event as CFA president and received the award for outstanding achievement on behalf of CFA member Lee Floorstok.
In fact, CFA members were featured as outright or joint winners, in nine of the 11 categories in the Recofloor awards 2014. CFA members are recognised as the quality supply chain and champions of best practice. We therefore ensure we keep members regularly updated on recycling schemes and much broader information on the many ways they can make their businesses effective and stand out.
The CFA is a leading trade association representing the Flooring Industry. If you would like an application pack or further information on the benefits of membership, please visit our website or contact the CFA offices on
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