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CFA Membership Brings A Load Of Benefits

JANUARY has historically been used as a date for the CFA to benchmark membership numbers. I’m pleased to say that for the second year, I can report growth. We now have more than 430 members.
But of course, maintaining and growing membership numbers involves a whole year activity for us. You’ll see that we regularly place adverts in CFJ as an unrivalled way of reaching our sector in the printed form.
Then of course, we use our website and social media to bring the main messages, values and benefits of the CFA to those who prefer the digital approach. It’s actually quite amazing how many applications we now receive through our website
You won’t be surprised to hear that the CFA membership application form can be downloaded from the homepage of the website. The final method we adopt is the personal touch. This ranges from telephone calls to prospective members, to explain, if requested, more about what we do and how we could add value the the business of the company concerned.
For all those strategies, we try to ensure that the CFA is more of a soft than hard sell. I’d like to think that the benefits speak for themselves. At the other end of the ‘deal’ we have to check that potential members will meet our criteria.
For anyone that hasn’t approached us, but still wonders what are our criteria for membership, I’d like to use this article to explain them at the top level.
Essentially, they’re designed to identify credible, financially sound companies, fitting commercial flooring products to a quality standard. So within those parameters, we start by asking for references from trade suppliers and customers as well as details of recently completed contracts.
We cover other areas including a credit or financial check; ask for a minimum of £5 million of public liability insurance and copies of appropriate supporting documentation such as a risk assessment and a method statement. We also request a copy of your health and safety and environmental policies.
In reality, we request the type of information that many companies will be asked for by clients and so information that is readily to hand.
However, there are some other areas we cover, those at the top level. So if membership criteria were ever a barrier to applying to the CFA, I’d generally suggest don’t let them be. The criteria are designed to be searching, but very realistic and if yours is a credible business, you probably already meet them.
If time is also of essence, the period to complete a membership has also been reduced in recent years. In the past an application could take many months to complete and there is still potential for hold ups if we don’t get replies to requests for references. But if you speak to the companies you put forward beforehand and they then reply quickly, an application can in theory be processed in only a matter of weeks.
Then you can start to enjoy all the benefits that CFA membership brings, including a logo that reflects that you’re a quality business independently verified; leads generated through the CFA website and handbook; technical and business support; a free copy of CFJ; our monthly email updates; and a regular newsletter bringing you industry and sector intelligence.

The members’ area of the website containing templates and guidance documents. Discounted training, and support in gaining qualifications, accreditations and much, much more. All for just a little over £1.50 a day or the price of a coffee.
Membership is an annual subscription and so you can relatively easily measure if what we promise is delivered and offers value for money.
You only need one reasonable referral to pay for a whole year’s membership, let alone any of the other things you might use. So my question would have to be. CFA membership? Why not?
The CFA is a leading trade association representing the Flooring Industry. If you would like an application pack or further information on the benefits of membership, please visit our website:
T: 0115 941 1126

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