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Commercial Flooring News

Cleaning Your Floor

A proper knowledge is the key for a healthy life. Now, when it comes to taking care of your health, the home is an important place to start. Maintaining your floor in tiptop shape is not that easy. Among many things, flooring preservation needs time, patience, and “know how”. In cleaning your hardwood flooring, it is best to always remember that wood and water can’t mix. Wood absorbs water and it damages its structure. Moisture can also affect wood; making it uncontrollably swell and warp. This is why it is very important that, you use a dry mop instead to sweep away the dusts from your floor. And when a spill occurs, you should not wait for it to dry. Wipe it as soon as possible so that your hardwood floors will not be damage.

Laminated flooring is commonly use for high traffic area in your home. Laminated flooring is look like hardwood flooring in look but the fact is, it is not. Some laminated floorings are made from plastic and is layered with different materials put together. Although it is very durable and resistant to moisture, it can be damage by sharp furniture legs or a untrimmed claws of your house pets. Nevertheless, this kind of flooring is the easiest to maintain. Now it must be noted that not all laminated flooring is water resistant; some are still prone to getting damaged especially if water is allowed to settle on it for too long. Thus, with laminated flooring, water is not really the problem if it is quickly wiped up. Scratches, however, pose the biggest problem among home owners because they can be pretty unalterable at times. Nonetheless, all problems have their solutions. And in such cases, it’s advisable to promote preventive measures. When moving furniture, make sure you use protector pads on the furniture legs so that it will not leave a scratches. For pets, always trim down their nails. Isn’t it great waking up every morning to beautiful, pristine flooring? Seeing elegant and clean flooring is indeed a good way to start your day.