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Click Bamboo Flooring With A Twist

Bamboo flooring is now extremely popular and can be found in a ton of different styles and finishes. People all over the country are now installing bamboo floors on their own, and it’s never been easier to do.

First of all, you should always check it out on the internet, as that’s usually where you’ll find the best value. Having a floor shipped to your home is inexpensive and you still should save money on flooring.

Many of the click flooring consumers are now gravitating toward is click bamboo flooring. The most widely available click bamboo floors were made of engineered plies of wood with a bamboo veneer on top. Depending on who made it, these floors can be very durable and perfect for basement flooring or kitchen flooring.

A more recent innovation in click bamboo floors is click HDF engineered bamboo. These floors use a thick layer of tough bamboo attached to a recycled core, much like what you’d find in a good quality laminate. These rigid cores provide a lot of stability and dent resistance on the surface.

These floors are used in floating floor installations and a layer of underlayment (or padding) goes underneath. Some underlayments have a moisture barrier on the bottom , while others a moisture barrier will need to purchased (at least when installing in basements or over concrete slabs). Depending on the quality of underlayment you choose, the floor will perform differently. For example, a basic foam underlayment will be noisier and the floor will flex more than if a more dense floor padding, like cork underlayment is used. Cork underlayment is superior in many ways and should always be considered when installing a floating floor.

This new type of click bamboo flooring can be found in a variety of shades and finishes, including natural bamboo, carbonized bamboo, stained bamboo, strand woven bamboo. They’re very easy to install and perfect for the diy flooring installer. In fact, some already have the pad attached to the bottom for a super simple installation.

20 years ago, click flooring didn’t even exist and now you can have an exotic, high quality floor that pieces together simply. It allows you to pay a little extra for the floor, because you’re not carrying the expense of having to use a professional flooring installer. That can save a lot of money and get you a longer-lasting floor.

If you’re looking for an alternative to hardwood flooring, but don’t necessarily want laminate flooring, this new type of bamboo floor is one you’ll certainly want to take a look at purchasing.