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Ease of installation is a general feature of hardwood and laminate flooring in this feature, which also showcases suitable adhesives, acoustic underlay and accessories:

B o n a products were used by Cheshire based flooring contractor, Flooring Restoration, to renovate wood floors at Alton Castle, a Victorian property now used primarily as a children’s retreat centre.

The oak strip floor in the refectory needed a durable new finish to survive daily wear and tear from foot traffic, heavy furniture and food and drink spills. The contractor used a Bona belt sander and worked up from 24 to 120 grit abrasives to remove layers of old maintenance treatments, finishing with the Bona scrad system to leave a smooth, clean surface ready for treatment.

One coat of Bona Prime Amberseal and three coats of new Traffic HD were used to deliver a combination of rich colouration and wear resistance. Traffic HD waterborne lacquer is claimed to offer 40% more durability than classic Traffic, with the advantage of a very fast development time to put busy floors back into use 24 hours after application.

Bostik saysitsLaybondL19 Wood Bond flooring adhesive has been designed for bonding all
types of wood flooring over most common substrates, including asphalt. It is also said to be compatible with underfloor heating.

L19 is part of a Bostik Laybond adhesives range for wood flooring. Therangeincludestheheavyduty rigid adhesive L16 Wood Bond and L18 PU Wood Bond flexible adhesive for batten bonding wood flooring.

F lo o r w is e offers specialist underlays claimed to deliver proven sound-deadening results under wood or laminate flooring. Redesigned packaging, with an ‘easy-to-read’ 4-in-1 hanging sample, is said to facilitate easy comparison of the thicknesses and materials.

The Whisper collection, made from PE foam, comes in Whisper, Whisper Plus, Whisper Green Barrier and Whisper Gold. Each is designed for differing levels of sound absorption, from 18dB to 20dB, with varying levels of cushioned support. The top end 5mm thick Whisper Gold is claimedtoofferpremiumbenefits, counteracting floor imperfections and offering good airborne sound resistance, thanks to its built-in water-vapour barrier.

Floorwise Acoustica is made from dense rubber sponge to reduce both impact and airborne noise. Varying in thickness from 2mm to 4.2mm, Acoustica comes in Silver, Gold, Good, Better and Best. Providing 22dB to 27dB of impact sound resistance, these underlays have reportedly been rigorously tested in accordance with EPLF’s independent SONE measurement, calculating sound- absorbing properties.

Acoustica Fibreboard, which can be recycled after use, is described as light and easy to handle, suitable for use over uneven base floors. It will reportedly level out gaps and imperfections for a smooth laying surface.

Gekko claimsitsG1 adhesive applicator has helped flooring contractors to dramatically reduce the amount of waste they produce while saving money.

It states that outdated methods of adhesive application mean traditional plastic or metal buckets needing responsible disposal. Its upright applicator is designed so that a similar amount of adhesive leaves only three or four squashed foil sachets to get rid of.

So little waste is produced because the adhesive is reportedly dispensed through a disposable nozzle. Once used, flooring contractors only need to ‘quickly and easily’ remove the squashed sachet and insert a new,

full one.

This means no messy tubs and waste, no spillage and no hands to wash, says Gekko.

Goodfellow, the Canadian timber distributor and remanufacturer, now offers a leading European brand, Chapel Parket, finished with FloorService hardwax-oils to meet consumer demand for new textures and colours.
Customers can select from a range of unfinished landed stock, which can be bespoke factory finished in the UK by Goodfellow – or you can do your own finishing on-site using FloorService Hardwax-Oils.

Goodfellow distributes these oils, produced by Overmat, plus a large range of colours, tools and maintenance products. The company has a UK warehouse, sales office and flooring showroom in Wrexham.

It also offers a wide range of solid and engineered flooring, unfinished and prefinished, through a network of merchants and distributors across the UK and Ireland.

Granwax productswere used by Matthew Bright of Brightwood Flooring to refurbish the maple wood floor at Burton Joyce Village Hall.

Built in 1923, the hall has been used for various purposes over the years, including a school and

community centre.

However, despite regular cleaning, the rise in footfall was having a damaging effect. The protective seals were being worn away on a daily basis leaving the floor looking tired and worn.

‘The floor was last renovated 12 years ago and despite the best efforts of the hall’s caretakers, dirt had built up,’ explains Matthew.

The hall’s original floors were made from softwood, but at some point in its history a maple wood floor was laid on top. To restore this surface, Matthew started by sanding the floors back to the boards. He then applied four coats of Master Finish matt finish from Granwax, using an industrial drier between each coat to speed up the drying process.

Master Finish, a fast curing two component water-based polyurethane finish, was created for wood floors subjected to heavy wear.

‘The regular dance lessons and social get-togethers at the Hall had left their mark in terms of heel indentations and scuff marks, so sanding the floors back to the bare boards gave me a smooth, even base from which to start.

‘Once this was done Granwax Master Finish helped to restore floor to its former glory, whilst also protecting it. The whole project took five days,’ adds Matthew.

H a r o , the ‘parquet specialist’, offers laminate floors including natural wood decors that are ‘quiet and easy’ to install with Top Connect.

These laminate floors respond to the increased demand for large- sized parquet designs with products such as Plank 1-Strip.

Its established Gran Via range has been expanded to include a large-size plank look with bevelled edges on four sides, with a width of 243mm (9 9/16in) and 2200 mm (86 5/8in) long. This expanded premium range is designed to allow distributors to generate improved margins.

Haro describes its Tritty Silent CT as the world’s quietest laminate floor, able to reduce the indoor sound by over 60% compared to laminate floors with standard insulation, while creating outstanding walking comfort.
For this innovation Hamberger Flooring GmbH received the HolzLand Award 2010 for the ‘most innovative product for the end-consumer’.

Tritty 100 Gran Via 4V Vintage Oak textured matt measures 2.20m (86 5/8in) length with bevelled edge on four sides, textured surface
and trendy rustic wood look.

ID S claims its Tuscan engineered flooring range is faster to fit since being upgraded with the new 5GS locking system, speeding up installation time by up to 25% compared to the previous profile.
5GS is said to require no ‘tapping up’ of the end joints when the boards are put in place, designed to reduce the risk of board damage during installation. The boards are laid and click smoothly into position on a range of subfloors, says IDS.

The 5GS profile comes on all eight Tuscan engineered flooring finishes, including oaks, whitewashed effects and rich tones in a choice of surface textures. The Tuscanportfoliooffers41flooring effects, subdivided into 18 solid wood, eight engineered wood and 15effectsinTuscanElite.The range includes a 25 year residential warranty against manufacturing defect.

IDS has also launched the upgraded Krono Original laminate range, available for ex-stock 24 hour delivery nationwide from any of 12 IDS regional branches. It was launched in 2008, exclusively developed for IDS, and is reportedly recognised for its ‘forward design, great value and quality, while assuring a margin earning potential’.
There are 12 new designs reflecting demand and fashion trends for narrow boards, high gloss
and rough sawn effects with finishes such as Appalachian Hickory, Handscraped Red River and Smokey Mountain. Nine designs were discontinued to facilitate the upgrade, with 31 effects now being offered.
The FSC certified range has the latest fitting systems in drop-lock and 5GS profiles to speed up installation time by as much as 20%.

There is a new 24 page brochure, POS packages including displays stands and consumer brochures. All IDS flooring can be purchased online at the company’s Webstore.

InstaFloor says its InstaLay high performance underlay was used to complement Tarkett engineered hardwood flooring at the Ocean Estate project, in London’s Tower Hamlets, described as one of the UK’s largest regeneration schemes.

It includes refurbishment and new-build worth £38m and £47m respectively.
Within 219 new-build units of private and affordable housing, 2,400sq m of InstaLay self- adhesive rubber crumb underlay was installed.

InstaLay 50hg (5mm high grab) was loose laid onto screeded ground floors, reportedly masking any subfloor imperfections. InstaCoustic cradle and batten acoustic floors were installed on upper storeys.

The Tarkett floor was then bonded to InstaLay’s adhesive membrane to reportedly give superior support, a solid feeling underfootandsignificantly reduced ambient impact sound. InstaLay is also said to be compatible with underfloor heating installed on the Ocean Estate.

Interfloor claimsits Duralay range of Timbermate underlays have enjoyed up to 40% sales growth in the last year.

The Timbermate range is designed for maximum acoustic performance and said to offer up to 30% in-room noise reduction.

Steve Woodhead, Interfloor marketing director, says: ‘There has been strong demand for our acoustic underlays, linked to the growth in engineered wood floors.’

Duralay’s Timbermate underlay is described as an innovative range of three sponge rubber underlays designed for engineered wood and laminate floors.

Duralay Silentfloor Gold, 4.20mm thick, with an integral vapourstop membrane, is a said to be a superior product offering top performance.

Duralay Timbermate Excel (3.60mm) has a built- in vapourstop membrane.

DuralayDuratex (3.60mm) is said to be suitable for wood-based suspended floors where moisture vapour is not an issue. Junckers,aleading European manufacturer of solid hardwood floors, reports a successful year in the UK, despite the harsh economic conditions. The company claims an increase in year-on-year sales figures, 15% up on flooring products and 36% up on oils and lacquers.

Its success is partly ascribed to on-going efforts to improve and update services and production, part of a long-term, world-wide strategy. To offer a high level of service to UK customers, Junckers has integrated its customer service department with its Danish counterpart, closely linked to the production department. Enquiries are now dealt with directly by a dedicated team in the Køge head office, to give customers regular production and delivery updates.

‘The challenging economic conditions mean companies having to take a long, hard look at how they run their businesses,’ says Steve Maltby, UK md, Junckers. ‘Today’s technology has enabled us to centralise our customer services world-wide, improving our manufacturing capabilities further. First and foremost, we want to offer a better overall customer service and this is possible by gathering all our competence in one place. We can therefore plan our production better to ensure optimal logistics for deliveries.’

Steve Maltby was awarded the prestigious Diploma of the Danish Export Association and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour at a ceremony in London
inJuly.Thecompanyhasseveral high profile projects in the pipeline for 2013.

Kährs haslaunchedAvanti,a three-strip ash and oak wood flooring collection in various wood grains and finishes. It includes seven designs in shades from pale creamy Ash Ceriale to conker toned Oak Supai. All designs feature a durable satin lacquer, matt lacquer or oil prefinish and Kährs glueless Woodloc joint for fast, accurate installation.

Crafted from sustainable European oak or ash, the new designs include even grained Oak Lecco and rustic Oak Erve, each offered in three prefinishes; white stained Oak Abetone, dark brown stained Oak Supai and warm toned Oak Bisbee; and lively grained Ash Valia and white stained Ash Ceriale. Individual boards measure 2423x200x13mm.

Based on Kährs original design, patented in 1941, Avanti uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below.

All designs, offered with a 20- year guarantee, can be laid on most dry, level surfaces and installed with underfloor heating. If required, the floor can reportedly be moved and relaid, and the surface can be sanded 2-3 times.

Kenton Floors reports that its new 2013 Woodpecker Complete Guide to Flooring retail price catalogue offers an extensive range of wood, laminate, bamboo and cork floors. Available free, it has over 190 pages with more than 130
different products. All products have been carefully
selected to cover a broad price spectrum, appealing to the widest possible market. Kenton’s slogan ‘affordable quality’ is borne out by a product range that features a
generous variety of choice, says the company.

This is designed to enable retailers, contractors and specifiers to offer a complete range of floors and accessories all from one source, covering every price point with excellent profit margins. A range of display stands and point of sale materials is offered
alongside Kenton’s free 24 hour sampling and 48 hour delivery service as standard.

M a p e i produces different adhesives for varying wood types, sizes and applications. Ultrabond Eco S955 1K, Ultrabond Eco S945 1K

and Ultrabond S997 1K are described as single component, sililated polymer-based low VOC emission adhesives without water, solvents, amines, isocyanates and epoxy resin.
These sililated adhesives are designed to give high yield, covering up to 20-30% more compared with conventional two- component adhesives.

Mapei has also introduced a water-based acrylic sealant for wooden floors, Silwood. Described as easy to apply and solvent-free with low emissions of VOC, Silwood is characterised by good flexibility, excellent bond strength and filling capacity to form long- lasting seals.

Available in 10 colours to complement most popular shades of wood, Silwood is said to be suitable
for sealing perimeter joints and joints between different types of
floors where there is no trim. Once dry, Silwood can be sanded and varnished without altering its colour, says the company.

N W F C (The National Wood Floor Company) has completed a 20m Euro expansion programme at its manufacturing plant in Romania on time and on budget. This includes a new engineered timber facility with new specialist machinery and 80 new employees.

The factory houses a semi- automated engineered line, which cuts, assembles, sands, finishes and packages the company’s engineered products. With a rise in the demand reported for the company’s engineered flooring, the facility generates at 15% increase in production. The new factory also manufactures engineered oak worktops. At full capacity its annual output is expect to reach 1,350,000sq m for sale by retailers worldwide.
The Natural Wood Floor Company’s Romanian factory has grown to a total of 20,000sq m in area.

Peter Keane, NWFC director, says, ‘It has taken three years to plan, develop and build the new facility. We see this as a real achievement, especially in the current economic climate.

‘Our new facility allows us to meet demand for our engineered flooring, while increasing our product range to offer more choice.

‘The new engineered oak worktops is a natural progression for our company, given our level of expertise and knowledge in this area.
‘With global retail outlets onboard, we are looking for other distribution channels for this exciting product.’

O s m o says its multi-purpose Wood Filler is designed to remove abrasions on wooden floors, helping to achieve an ‘as-new’ appearance.

The product is described as easy to use and fast drying, for interior wood floors to remove scratches and dents. It is also designed as an edge filler, wood putty, crack filler and sanding sealer, eliminating the needfordifferentproducts.

As with all Osmo interior products, Wood Filler is claimed to offer excellent quality, an unlimited lifespan and value for money.

It is also said to be safe, made from natural materials, non-acrylic, non-toxic and compliant with recent and 2010 VOC legislations.

Steve Grimwood, md of Osmo UK, explains: ‘Wood Filler can be
used on anything from the smallest of scratches to large abrasions.
‘The product is also long lasting. Even if the mixture hardens, you cansimplystanditinabowlof warm water and it will be ready to use again.’
It is available in 14 colours and designed for a wide range of wood surfaces. It reportedly can be mixed with any suitable tint or stain to achieve a custom colour.
Suitable for commercial and residential applications, the product is also said to be extremely
durable, resistant to heat and freezing temperatures and will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out once applied.

Primatech saysitsnailers and accessories are designed for use on the increasing diversity of flooring boards produced today.

It states that there is no ‘one fits all’ nailer without a set of adapting accessories.

Primatech offers a number of enhancements with its U- Customise accessories assortment.

Both manual and pneumatic Primatech nailers are said to be configurable to provide more speed, precision and wood friendliness in all situations, plus user comfort.

The bottom line is a better end result and more client satisfaction, says the company.

Rubio Monocoat supplies multilayer parquet from Lalegno Flooring.
For over 30 years, Lalegno has developed its multilayer flooring with investment and innovations.
Features include:

Hardwood: The top layer is made of expertly selected wood. Thanks to its extra thickness ‘it can evolve with your interior, be sanded and finished to suit your personality and the style of your interior’, says Lalegno.
Environmentally friendly: The floors’ backing layers are made of fast-growing wood. Stability: Having a multilayer
structure, Lalegno floors are said to be more stable than solid wooden floors, making it compatible with
underfloor heating.

Extensive collection: Lalegno has an extensive range of different wood species, sizes and finishes. Each floor can be finished according to individual taste. A range of maintenance products is also offered.

S ik a has introduced SikaBond-54 (replacing SikaBond- T54 and T54 FC) and SikaBond- 52 (replacing SikaBond-52FC). Both CE certified adhesives are described as solvent-free and completely odourless. Both come in a one-part, ready to use format and are reportedly suitable for use with most woods, even bamboo

and beech.

SikaBond-54 has been developed to deliver full surface bonding with solid and engineered wood floors when applied with a notched trowel.

SikaBond-52 is for bonding wood floors using the liquid batten technique, suitable for solid, engineered, parquet and chip board wood floors, as well as Sika’s own AcouBond sound dampening system.
Full surface bonding can also be achieved by using the SikaBond Dispenser-1800 Power to apply with SikaBond-52 directly, says the company.

This dispenser is a battery- powered gun designed for quick, easy and even distribution of adhesive (claimed to give 70% surface coverage).

It can reportedly be recharged with one battery charge running for the application of 30 x 1800ml adhesive sausages.

Due to the elastic nature of both products, sound passage is lessened, it is claimed.

The adhesives are also said to be suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Further information on Sika’s full range can be freely downloaded from the Sika Handbook iPhone and Android app. Te d To d d offers Plancher Du Quercy 220mm wide and 20mm thick engineered hand finished boards. These boards are hand worked to emphasise the flow of grain.

The company explains further that the denser knots sit elevated and proud, whilst the surface appears abraded by the wear of time and takes on the appearance of a rolling landscape.

Six finishes range from cool hues of grey and white in Lauzes, Miellin and Champagney to the warm rich hues of nature in Quissac and Velentre and finally to deep tones of black seen in Assier.

Ted Todd also commends its engineered Residence range featuring up to 3m long, 300mm superwide and 20mm thick hand finished boards in four finishes, from cool crisp Linen, Pewter with contemporary tones, Truffle
inspired by Nature’s rich tapestry of colour and Ebony with strong rich tones of black.

Products from both the Plancher Du Quercy and Residences ranges are available from stock and said to be suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

Uzin offerstraining courses to create and maintain wood floors through its Pallmann brand. Experts at Pallmann explain the five steps for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.

The free training sessions run at Uzin’s technical forum in Rugby, providing hands-on experience for all aspects of wood floor installation.

The company claims its wood floor installation systems are fail- safe when used correctly.
That’s why a two year warranty is offered to people attending each of its five steps training courses.
For more information or to book a place T: 01788 530080

The Pallmann product range includes Pall-X 333, the two component-oil-primerdesignedto amplify the natural appearance of timber.

The product is claimed to enhance wood’s natural characteristics such as the shade and grain, resulting in a beautiful finish.

It is also said to dry quickly, meaning a floor can be finished after only 12 hours.

Westco has launched 40 Shades of Oak, allowing customers to choose between engineered or solid wood flooring in a range of widths and over 40 different décor options.

Paul Ashley, national business development manager at Westco, said: ‘This new product is the initial step towards allowing retailers to offer their customers something completely different.

‘We know retailers need to offer a competitive edge and that customers are looking for something different for their home which is why we are bringing this exciting product to the market.

‘With our in-house service and extensive range of 5G drop-lock engineered products, we remain a leading UK wood flooring importer.’


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