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Color Marketing Group Names 2013 Color Of The Year!

If you missed the publication of the awesome 2013-2014 forecasted colors, it’s not too late. has it posted in the Designer’s Corner segment. You will want to preview that article to get a complete picture of Color Marketing’s predictions. With that information as the foundation, I am dedicating this blog to current updates and news from CMG.

First of all, a new strategic alliance with the International Colour Alliance (Association Internationale de la Couleur) has been announced. The two groups will share color research and developing trends. For the first time, CMG will host a ChromaZone event in conjunction with AIC’s international conference on July 7th in Gateshead, England!

According to a spokesperson for Color Marketing Group, “… AIC is a truly international association with a global reach. Its objectives are to encourage research in all aspects of color, to disseminate the knowledge gained from this research, and to promote its application to the solution of problems in the fields of science, art, design and industry on an international basis. The Congress, which is held every four years, provides a unique forum where interested individuals, researchers, academics, artists, architects, industrialists, engineers, designers, lighting experts, and business leaders can share ideas, interact and learn of recent advances in the field.”

This new alliance will be a tremendous advantage to CMG. Their continuing goal is to create accurate domestic and international color forecasts, and this new alliance is one more way to validate the accuracy and intrinsic value of the color projections I share with you.

Did you know that you do not have to be a member of CMG to attend one of the ChromaZone events? If you are a professional working with color in any capacity, you may register as a guest and experience the color forecasting process first hand on a local level. Here is a list of upcoming ChromaZone events for 2013: (log on to as a “visitor”, or contact Sharon Griffis, Executive Director, at for more details.)


Denver – March 8th Fort Lauderdale – April 3rd

Cleveland – April 19th Greensboro – April 26th

New York – May 22nd Chicago – June 12th

Atlanta – July 12th Dallas – August 1st

Saint Louis – August 13th Minneapolis – September 16th

Grand Rapids – September 20th Rancho Mirage – November 7th


Toronto – May 4th

Vancouver – August (date TBD)


Taipei City, Taiwan – April 19th and 20th

El Salvador, C.A. – July 9th and 10th

Barcelona, Spain – June 19th

Gateshead, England – July 7thGEORGIAN BLUE

Lastly, CMG has announced their choice for the 2013 Color of the Year! Georgian Blue has received that top honor, and it is well deserved. Because numerous blues were represented in all the regional ChromaZone forecasts last year, this was a key indicator that color professionals around the country would be unanimous in electing a singular blue as Color of the Year. Georgian Blue represents the color family well as a mid-toned, striking blue with Colonial roots. The clarity of the color makes it optimistic, while at the same time reflecting the trend of “past meets present”. Blues will continue to represent comfort, stability, and reliability, but also, is the new flag bearer for sustainability. Good job CMG!