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Commercial Flooring News

Commercially Speaking

What’s new on the commercial front in carpeting? Options. Color options in particular. Mannington Mills just released a brand new collection called “Connected”. Made up of four coordinating styles, two of the styles have an interesting twist that deserves some attention.

“Social” and “Media” are both tip-sheared patterned loops. Beautifully designed, the entire collection is built with 100% Antron Lumena Type 6.6 solution-dyed nylon. Add to that t the ColorSafe treatment (for bleach resistance) and X-GUARD for stain resistance, and these modular carpet tiles have a strong performance story.

Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about the aesthetics. Both patterns feature a contemporary open-grid plaid with a specialty accent color. Here’s the twist: YOU get to choose that accent color. Both styles share a color palette of 16 colorways—all of them are fresh and relevant to today’s commercial market. Add to that 30 color stripe options, and you have a collection that lends itself to customization. I can definitely see these products used in retail, corporate, healthcare, and even hospitality settings.

MannSocial_300Designers love choices, especially when the manufacturer allows them to customize their design with a minimum of only 500 square yards. In addition, this flooring system contributes points toward LEED qualifications. Even the Infinity Modular backing contains pre-consumer recycled content, and the carpet can ultimately be reclaimed through Mannington’s LOOP carpet reclamation program. By the way, Mannington Mills carpets are made in the USA. Another plus.

I know that’s a lot to absorb, but the story behind the tailored good looks of both “Social” and “Media” is pretty impressive. Architects, designers, end-users, take note. There’s something brand new that’s worth looking into. This is an architect folder that deserves space in your library—and a book you will certainly be using frequently.