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Commercial Flooring News

Common Flooring Mistakes

People who have flooring (which is most of us who don’t live on dirt floors) often make some basic mistakes that later cause problems for their flooring that were preventable.

1. When selecting a flooring it is critical that the usage of the floor is consistent with the flooring capabilities. For example selecting a cheap builder grade laminate floor and putting it in a commercial bank lobby will only lead to problems. Simialarly you must consider environmental restrictions or other cautions with the specific product you put in (low humidity and radiant heat capatible?) to be sure that you aren’t voiding your warranty before you start.

2. Set your own expectations clearly to the flooring provider so that they can guide you toward something that meets those expectations. Sometimes your expectations are higher than your budget may allow so it may be important to reset those before making a final flooring selection.

3. Maintenance is the most overlooked and often ignored part of flooring until the problem occurs. Too little maintenance will lead to dis-satisfied customers and ironically too much water used during maintenance of wood based flooring will led to disaster. Follow the suggested maintenance and DO NOT OVERWET your wood base floors. (wood based floors include, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring of all types, bamboo floors, cork floors and any floor with an HDF core and more.)