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Convince Your Better Half It’s Time to Install a New Floor

You know it’s time to install a new floor when . . . Guests wistfully remark how your living room floor reminds them of grandma’s house. You can’t remember a time when your kitchen floor wasn’t cracked, split or curling up at the edges. When foot traffic has worn a trough so deep that you worry about runoff when it rains.

You know it’s time to install a new floor, but how do you convince your reluctant better half? Here are common objections and how to head them off at the pass.

“Why do we need to install a new floor?”

Even if the reason is as clear as a glass of tap water, take time to point out the obvious. Worn and cracked flooring collects dirt and makes cleaning difficult. Torn or curled floors increase the risk of trips and falls. Or maybe you’ve experienced a change in lifestyle, like the addition of children and pets. You now need a floor that’s in step with a busy household. Laminate flooring is a great choice. Guaranteed, it’s more durable than what you already have and it’s affordable. Laminate flooring is so easy to clean and comes in so many shades, styles and designs that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to install a new floor.

“We can’t afford to install a new floor.”

Agree to take a look at your budget. Then invest a little time in understanding what it costs to install a new floor. You’ll be surprised at the variety of flooring materials available for different budgets. Consider doing your own installation to save money. Even for beginner DIYers, there are products like luxury vinyl plank floors that you simply peel, place and press. No complicated tools or adhesives! In as little as a weekend, you can enjoy the looks of a gorgeous natural maple, oak or hickory floor.

“It’s a luxury we don’t need.”

Is it a luxury or is it an investment? When you install a new floor, there’s no doubt it makes your home more attractive, yet it may also add value. Natural hardwood floors have a wow factor that many home buyers appreciate. So if you’re looking to increase the resale price of your home, think about your return on the investment in new flooring.

“It’ll take too long to install a new floor.”

No matter why type of flooring you consider, there’s a product made for ease of installation. As noted above, laminate and luxury vinyl plank are among the easiest to install and both were designed with DIYers in mind. Hardwood floors generally require the expertise of a professional installer, but you can shorten project time by selecting prefinished boards that come from the factory sanded smooth and finished with a super tough urethane coat. Another option is to choose engineered hardwood flooring that’s easier to install than traditional hardwood, and more affordable too.

Take the next step and present your ideas for a new floor. Armed with this advice, you can coolly handle any objections with a smile and a wave of the hand. Good luck!

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