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Cork Flooring – Durability & Style

Cork has been used for ages as a small plug for bottled wine called stopper. These days, corks are being used a flooring material that provides extremely durable but stylish type of flooring. The product is known for being dependable and eco-friendly. It perfectly suited for your kitchen and dining room flooring as it provide its own resistance against stain, insect, moisture and fire with an added sound reducer characteristics. This is due to the presence of suberin, a waxy substance that prevents water and fire to penetrate in the cork material. For health issues cork flooring is applicable for homeowners that have allergies because it also has anti-allergic and hypoallergenic properties.

Cork flooring can be the perfect choice for your new floor. With its outstanding durability that is unique from the rest of the floor types. Plus, you can choose from the wide variety available in the market that can be easily installed. What is so nice about this product is that you do not need to regularly apply cleaners since it is already stain resistant. Wiping and sweeping would be sufficient in maintaining the floor’s beauty.

Unlike hardwood flooring and laminated flooring that is very weak in terms in dents, cork floorings can be dent-free so no need to worry about dropping objects on it. Also, cork floorings provide that warm sensation when you are walking in your bare feet. Although it is dent-free, heavy objects can still damage this kind of flooring material.

Beautiful flooring with a durable and stylish look needs proper care and maintenance. Most damages usually occur because of negligence. Having the wrong type of cleaning material can bring your floor to a complete damage. The best way to maintain the beauty of your floor is to have the proper information on how to care for it.