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Cork Flooring Has It All

While cork flooring has some disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh them. And now cork is available in a variety of different easy-to-install floors that vary greatly in style and color. Certain manufacturers have brought cork to a whole new level, giving consumers a lot of options they’ve not had before.

A disadvantage of cork is that it will gouge easier than a traditional floor, though not easily. You’ll just want to take extra care when moving around large furniture and appliances. Other than that, cork floors are easy to clean and provide enormous benefits.

Some advantages of cork floors are that they feel warmer to the touch and even act as an insulator. They also absorb sound very well and when combined with cork underlayment, you create a sound barrier unrivaled by any other type of flooring. This might be important if you’re installing a floor directly over a room that gets a lot of use or any room that tends to echo.

When first introduced, cork flooring was available in natural looks and typically meant for glue-down floor installations. The dramatic look was almost shocking and many loved it. Others didn’t, and that’s why there is now an entirely new generation of these types of floors that are stylish and durable.

Many love the natural swirl pattern of cork, others prefer a smaller granule look, and some like to see it all. But if its boldness isn’t your particular cup of tea, there are now cork floors that look similar to hardwood flooring. Rich colors, beveled edges, and easy to install are just some of their impressive qualities.

Why many choose cork in the first place is because how environmentally friendly a material it is. The cork tree isn’t chopped down or removed, every so often the bark is removed to create cork floors and a variety of other products. We’ve been using it for centuries, but technology has reached a place where we can take advantages of its benefits far more than we ever have.

A great example is the click locking systems now offered on these floors. Many you’ll find are a cork wear layer attached to an HDF core. An additional layer of cork underlayment is attached to the underside, giving you two layers of cork. Floors like these provide excellent impact resistance and comfort in addition to their warm and soft feel.

Many of these floors are now available with a click locking system that secures the boards together. They can be used in floating floor installations over most types of subfloors, and because no glue is required, almost anyone can install a click cork floor. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer planning to install your own flooring, take a look at the new looks in cork before you make your final decision.

The eco-friendly flooring aspect is one thing, but the real benefits provided by cork are just as attractive. Cork is hypoallergenic, natural and improves your quality of life by adding warmth and deadening the sounds that can drive you crazy sometimes. It’s easy to care for, and provided you practice a little care when doing certain things, you’ll be happy for a very long time.