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Cork Flooring Legacy

The cork flooring must be one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor material options in the market today. Whether you are building a new house or renovating, cork flooring is a great choice for almost any area of your abode. But character-wise, it is more ideal to use in the kitchen and den because it can provide the comfort and beauty. Being an environmentally friendly kind of flooring, cork floor is also considered a renewable and sustainable natural resource. Though it’s a little bit expensive, counting in installation costs per square foot in addition to purchase, cork flooring makes a great investment for the home because of it’s a good quality. Yes, it’s definitely worth the cost.

The story below can attest to how good and wonderful cork flooring is a flooring material. Plus, it expounds on facts that will be of benefit to your use and maintenance of this kind of flooring. The material of cork are constructed and assembled in high technology. And as such, it is made to fit your busy and hectic home activities.

Our Old House

Our old house is still standing, though many strong storms with winds and even a typhoon have passed by. My grandmother always says to me that a house needs a nice care and a good maintenance. Every once a year we always go there to have a gathering. My mom cook for us and my dad is busy maintaining the floorings and the foundation of the house. Our living room floor is made of hardwood flooring and it is very elegant and warmth. I like to sit in the floor while watching in our television. The floor is very shiny and I really like to glimpse on it when it shine with a warmth felling. I ask my father once, Have they change the floor flooring? He answers, not even once. He said hardwood flooring is very durable though it quite expensive. All you need to remain its durability is to maintain it will. Try not to spill water on it or it will be damage. My mom favorite place in our old house is the kitchen, because in the kitchen we have cork flooring. Cork flooring has an insect resistant that my mom really like, because she hate insect like cockroach and ants. My mom tells me that, cork flooring is one of the most expensive flooring in our house. Cork flooring is made of bark of an oak tree. I’ve always wonder how they made a tile made from this material. Cork is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. We don’t need to cut tree to make cork flooring. If we want to save trees then definitely cork is the material we need.