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Cork Flooring Pros & Cons

Cork flooring is generally something consumers and even contractors and designers are unfamiliar with despite it being used for over 100 years across the United States and Europe.

Here are 3 cork flooring PROS:

1. Cork is softer under your feet than other flooring leading to less fatigue.

2. Cork is quieter than other flooring naturally absorbing sound while feeling great.

3. Cork is resilient and can be very tough if properly well maintained – even in some commercial flooring situations.

(there are other pro’s to cork flooring, but this post is focusing on the top 3 pro’s and con’s for cork floors.)

Here are 3 cork flooring CONS:

1. Cork Flooring’s look, while viewed as distinctive and unique by many, is often seen by others as a turn off and not a viable option. So this aspect of cork flooring is both a PRO and a CON.

2. Cork Flooring can gouge easier than some other flooring options and nothing should be dragged across the flooring.

3. Cork can change color (typically fade) when exposed to lots of light. This is a natural reaction to light (especially bright direct sunlight) that happens to natural cork flooring and not a defect.

Cork flooring has a series of PRO’s and CON’s that are outside of these top 3 – but these factors should be considered when shopping for cork floors.