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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring has been a flooring choice for over 100 years, yet few people know very much about it.

So rather than give a complete history hear are some of the highlights:

1) Cork is resilient – that means it is inherently tough.

2) Cork is hypoallergenic – that means it is good for people with allergies.

3) Cork is unique visually – that means you will either hate it or love it.

4) Cork is very dent resistent – although denting is something that most cork can recover from due to it’s natural structure it can gouge easier than other floors

All of those reasons together makes cork flooring a great choice for kitchens, family rooms, offices and more. The only caveat on cork is that if your finish starts to wear then you should re-coat the floor with a hardwood flooring finish to insure a long life span. The other note is that bright direct sunlight can cause cork to fade which is not a huge issue, but you should at least be aware of it.