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Country Style Decorating

Comfort and informality are the hallmarks of country style decorating. The simple, unpretentious style reflects qualities found in homemade, hand-me-down and creatively repurposed furnishings and accessories, all gathered together in an eclectic arrangement. Harmony and balance are achieved through similar materials, textures and colors. Overall, country style decorating looks cozy and casual with an emphasis on nostalgic usefulness rather than unnecessary decoration.

Natural materials like wood are key to country style decorating. Wood provides texture, color and natural warmth to a room. Antiques and worn wooden furnishings like foot stools, wash stands, bread boards and bowls can be worked into the decor “as is” to add an authentic look, or restored to bring back the luster of their former life. Anything that bears the marks of hand-tooled woodworking adds a special, one-of-a-kind character. There’s just something appealing about authentic craftsmanship and its rustic simplicity!

Wood floors and country style decorating go together like hot biscuits and sweet butter. If you don’t have wood floors or if the ones you have are beyond refinishing, you’ll find a wide variety of hand-scraped, distressed and wide-plank hardwood floors that, although new, capture all the warmth and rustic charm of an aged stone farmhouse or an old-time general store.

Wood Floor Options for Country Style Decorating

Bruce wide-plank hardwoodHand-scraped hardwood floors combine the vintage look of foot-worn and perfectly aged floor boards with the scrapes and gentle furrows of the artisan’s tools used to carve them. Boards show the distinctive grain patterns and rich colors of American species like birch, walnut and hickory. Hand-scraped hardwood floors set the mood for country style decorating with stunning looks reminiscent of hardwood floors found in homes a century ago.

Distressed wood flooring is, likewise, rooted in history. Manufacturers use handcrafted staining and “roughing” techniques in order to create authentic rustic characteristics like knots, burls, mineral marks and pinholes. These natural-looking markings vary from plank to plank, adding a truly distinctive look to country style decorating.

Wide plank hardwood flooring boards span widths of five inches or more. This country style decorating feature harkens back to the days when large, first-growth trees were plentiful, and prudent craftsmen could obtain more flooring with less saw cuts. Wide plank floors create the kind of ambiance that calls for a fire on the hearth and a thick pile of coarse-weave throws.

When it comes to country style decorating, think time-worn and gently used. Add a few vintage wicker baskets and a colorful rag rug to your authentic-looking aged wood floors, then settle back in relaxed, county style.

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