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Commercial Flooring News

Damages In Your Flooring

Did you know that most flooring damage occurs due to climate change? Sunlight often times affect the color of your flooring and make it lose luster. A lot of wood floorings fade in an area that is frequently exposed to direct sunlight. Thus, if you’re living in a place that is mostly dry and sunny, try using laminated flooring instead. Due to its sunlight resistant quality, laminated flooring is suitable to use in such kind of an environment. Laminated flooring is not made from wood but it possesses patterns that make it appear like a wood. It is actually composed of different kinds of materials that are commonly plastic. This kind of flooring is also stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean and extremely durable. Now, rain and moisture is the second problem that most homes have. Although liquid is not really the problem if it is wiped or cleaned as soon as possible, most hardwood floorings are disadvantage in terms in liquid exposure.

Water is the worst enemy of wood floorings. Wood has an affinity for water and once absorbed, it makes wood planks swill and shrink. To avoid this kind of problem, it is recommend to use cork flooring or any other type of flooring that have water and moisture resistant properties. Proper knowledge about moisture in your house can prevent further damage in your homes. Another common home flooring problem are scratches produced while you are moving furniture around your house or by the nails of your pets. Almost all kinds of flooring are vulnerable to this kind of problem; this, despite of being durable. Almost all types of flooring do not stand a chance against sharp objects like the leg of the furniture or the sharp heel of your shoe. Heavy materials that are dropped unintentionally can also create a dent in your floors. Most problems about your flooring can be prevented if you act on it promptly. Like in spills, if you wipe the liquid immediately, then you can prevent wood to absorb it.