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Decked Out for the Holidays Means Keeping Floors Clean

You want your house to be in tip-top shape when guests come a’calling during the holidays. As gatherings of friends and family grow in frequency, don’t get stressed out about cleaning. Concentrate on keeping floors clean since they get more wear and tear than anything else. Whether you have hardwood, premium vinyl tile or laminate floors, try these easy and effective tips for keeping floors clean and your home will sparkle throughout the holiday season.
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Tips for keeping floors clean

Festive entrance mats – The best defense is a good offense for keeping floors clean. By placing mats at entranceways, 90% of dirt and moisture can be stopped at the door. Choose festive motifs that’ll help guests catch the spirit of the season.

Doff the shoes, don the socks – Naughty or nice, some guests may be put off by a request to remove shoes and boots, so do it with a twinkle in your eye. Have a basket of decorative socks, booties and slippers to give as gifts and ask guests to wear them while visiting.

Floor protectors – Your furniture is likely to dash around your home as guests come and go. Sticky-back felt floor protectors under the legs of tables and chairs will prevent scratches on hardwood floors. If you need to rearrange heavy furniture, use old socks as protectors.

Three wise brush tools – Perfect for every floor type, these sweeping and mopping tools are very inexpensive and perform specific tasks in keeping floors clean.

A long-handled rubber brush is indispensable in keeping floors clean of pet hair. Pliable rubber bristles conform to the surface and build a strong static charge that quickly and easily collects fur and hair. One pass is all it takes!
Dual-sided micro fiber mops pick up dust and dirt that can scratch floors. For quick damp cleaning, use a spray solution with one side of the mop, then dry with the other side.
For sudden spills, keep a sponge roller mop handy to absorb liquid, keeping floors clean and free of sticky residue. Sponge mops with a brush attachment are great for cleaning grout lines on premium vinyl tile flooring.
Scuttle the scuffs – Hard surfaces are susceptible to scuff marks. Tennis balls work beautifully in keeping your hardwood, laminate, premium vinyl tile or any hard surface floor clean of scuff marks. Carefully cut a one inch “X” in the ball and slip over the end of a broom handle. Simply rub the tennis ball over the scuff mark to remove. Re-use the tennis ball until it’s no longer effective. For stubborn marks, spritz ball with a silicone spray.

Keeping floors clean goes a long way in getting your home ready for holiday visitors. Turn on your favorite holiday music to help make the job go even faster.

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