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Dirt Busters

Matting is mainly used in entrances to prevent dirt being tracked into buildings:

Coba has introduced its latest entrance matting, Premier Surface.
It has been designed by the company’s specialist flooring team as a heavy duty surface laid solution for entrances that do not have recessed matwells.
Coba describes the new matting as having a professional finish that looks equally as good as a high-end custom-made system, but is much easier to fit, and costs significantly less too.
Premier Surface is designed for dirt/moisture control performance, durability and of course, safety underfoot.
Featuring a high-impact bevelled edge system, the matting has been load tested to 1000kg making it suitable for supermarkets and similar retail environments using weighty supply trolleys.
For flooring contractors, a real benefit of Premier Surface is said to be its ease of installation. An online installation video is available.
Interlocking PVC tiles are laid onto the surface to cover the desired floor area. The black PVC base tile (made from 100% recycled materials) is available with nylon carpet inserts in four colours.
It is also available without carpet with a black PVC studded design finish.
The edging system incorporates a simple aluminium bottom frame that is secured to the floor and neatly finished with high-impact PVC bevelled edges and corner pieces.
Premier Surface has a closed surface construction allowing captured dirt and debris to be easily vacuumed as part of a regular cleaning routine.
Tiles measure 30cm x 30cm. It is available in Anthracite, Blue, Grey, Brown or without carpet inserts (in black).
Denis Rawlins has introduced a free mat audit service. Appropriate matting, placed in the correct areas of your building, can literally save your business thousands of pounds, according to the company. Whether you are having problems with high cleaning costs or are worried about slips, trips and falls, suitable matting can provide the solution.
Denis Rawlins experts will help you decide which mat you need in which location.
The company’s free Mat Audit service includes a professional consultation on your premises, as well as a comprehensive report with simple matting solutions to save you money.
The company has an extensive range of high quality industrial matting, which it has supplied to businesses across the UK for over 20 years.
Emco UK offers individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on its three-zone cleaning system, which is designed to trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them.
These ‘dirt removal systems are also said to make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception environment and long-lasting protection of the surrounding floorcoverings as well as to a significant reduction in the cleaning throughout the building.
Emco’s heavy contract matting systems are suitable for zones 1 and 2. These consist of functional inserts in warp-resistant aluminium profiles that ensure coarse and fine dirt are removed extremely effectively.
With the matting having open construction designs, the dirt particles fall through the gaps between the profiles, thus effectively preventing it being tracked further into the building.
Clean-off floorcoverings are used in zone 3 of this cleaning system. Unlike conventional dirt-repellent carpeting, clean-off floorcoverings have special hollow fibres that effectively absorb moisture and residual dirt.
Forbo claims that its new Coral entrance flooring stops up to 94% of all tracked in dirt and moisture. This entrance flooring collection now boasts improved performance in the removal of dirt, superior environmental credentials, a higher fire rating and is even easier to install. The stopping of up to 94% of all tracked in dirt, reportedly reduces the potential for slips and trips and delivers a substantial saving of up to 65% in cleaning costs.
Coral is recommended where a textile entrance system is required to simultaneously absorb moisture and remove dry soiling.
The many ranges available include Coral Classic, described as the ultimate moisture absorber, now available in 50 x 50cm tiles for an easier fit. Coral Brush Pure is presented as ‘the great all rounder’ for moisture and dirt removal.
Coral Brush Blend is said to offer a contemporary linear design, while Coral Duo is advised for all entrances but especially small areas. Finally Coral Welcome is said to boast ‘unrivalled’ environmental credentials. The collection now has 100% Econyl fibre across Welcome, Brush Pure, Brush Blend and 75% in Duo. This regenerated solution dyed polyamide yarn is made using reprocessed industrial waste and post consumer waste. Welcome also has a primary backing made from recycled PET bottles.
All Forbo’s Coral textile and Nuway rigid entrance flooring systems are designed to integrate, allowing specifiers to offer clients fully ‘zoned’ design concepts.
Jaymart says its prestige Alligator-Raincheck high performance entrance matting system was recently installed in the Millennium Point in Birmingham Eastside which celebrates and encourages science, technology and education.
Alligator Raincheck aluminium entrance matting is said to effectively prevent foot-borne ingress of dirt and moisture, with its aluminium mat ribs scraping dirt from shoe soles whilst the nylon-on-vinyl strips absorb moisture.
The matting are described as colourfully and texturally decorative, and scientifically more effective than the conventional old fashioned metal and rubber footscrapers, coconut mats etc.
The Alligator-Raincheck system is available in two options: open or closed constructions both 17.5mm thick approximately. It is recommended for use in internal or sheltered entrance matwells, and for busy locations with high volume foot traffic. This system has been installed in locations including Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury; William Booth College, London; The Lizard RNLI, Cornwall; and The Wellcome Trust, London.
Plastic Extruders has helped to improve safety and hygiene at a Greek swimming pool.
Heronrib barefoot matting, manufactured in the UK by the matting division at Plastic Extruders, is being used to keep the local swimming and water polo teams safe from slipping accidents at the natatorium in Glyfada, part of the Athletic Nautical Club of Glyfada, Athens, Greece.
Greek flooring Plastex distributor, Beredimas Safety Floors, recommended Heronrib as the perfect barefoot slip resistant solution.
The matting has been laid in the locker rooms and hallway just outside the shower area to protect users walking barefoot on the wet and, hence, slippery, marble flooring.
Heronrib has a C Classification for slip resistance surface under DIN 51097 (the highest rating), and an open grid, two layer construction with channelled underbars, which guarantees a dry surface is maintained even in the most trafficked wet areas.
Additionally, its non-porous PVC sections and impregnated anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives are designed to ensure permanent barefoot hygiene.
This matting is available in several standard colours and supplied in 10m long rolls and 50, 100 or 122cm widths. The mat is said to allow for quick and easy installation creating a new safe and hygienic environment.

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