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Flooring in offices needs to be more design oriented:

B A S F’s Mastertop 1324 flooring system was used to refurbish the café at The Building Centre in central London. Areas of ageing rubber flooring had peeled and become torn from general wear and tear.

Contractor Surtech removed the rubber flooring, revealing a poor quality screed with some blown areas and hairline cracks.

Time and level constraints meant it was not possible install a levelling screed. Instead, the area was diamond ground to remove the existing rubber adhesive and blown areas.

Patch repairs using Mastertop 524 levelling compound and a primer coat of Mastertop P617 incorporating fibre-glass mesh to repair hairline cracks followed. Mastertop scratch coat, body coat and topcoat were then applied.
Thanks to the skilled workforce and BASF system’s low VOC content the centre remained open and fully functional during the four- day installation.

Burmatexhasintroduced three new ranges suited for offices, as well as specialist entrance and barrier systems. Armour for entrances features a combination of absorber and scraper yarns, designed to protect internal floor finishes by trapping up to 90% of dirt and moisture tracked in by foot and wheel traffic.

The combination of plain, stripe and block stripes in the blending colours of dark grey, warm grey and blue, are said to coordinate with any flooring design scheme in office environments.

Armour is designed for primary and secondary entrance areas, as well as lobby, lift areas and staircases.
Balance Atomic is a loop pile with colours ranging from warm beiges, through greys, to cool blues. This BREEAM A+ rated collection offers three co-ordinating designs; a plain, a pinstripe and a random effect, all said to work alone or complement each other.

Balance Greyscale is a new dark grey ‘field’ tile to co-ordinate with most Burmatex products, including the eight colourways from Strands and the new Balance Atomic range.

This BREEAM A+ rated loop pile tile reportedly provides a subtle, plain contrast against striped or textured areas, for meeting or breakout areas in offices.

D e s s o has created ‘Visions of…’ carpet tiles based on its focus on excellence in design and sustainability. ‘Visions of…’ is described as a two-dimensional product, which allows the colour and flooring experience to change when viewed from different angles looking almost like a plain hard floor when seen across a larger area, but showing the pattern when up close.

This patented carpet tile comes in a larger 100cm x 100cm tile and in three designs – Visions of Flowers, Visions of Lines and Visions of Shards – all said to have been created to remove the anonymity that can afflict large spaces.

The pronounced patterns of Flowers, Lines and Shards are inspired by the use of patterns in art, fashion, architecture and interiors; used in subtle yet striking ways.

Desso has received a ‘red dot product design’ award for its ‘Visions of’ line. This award is a quality seal for aesthetic forms and lasting trends.

I n t e r f a c e products were specified for an office refurbishment for construction advisory firm, Glenigan. The consultants reportedly wanted to create an innovative, bespoke design without compromising on functionality in office space covering 10,000sq ft. Products were chosen to combine the practicalities of hard flooring with the benefits of carpet tiles.

Liz Brewer, director of communications at Burtt-Jones & Brewer, explains: ‘Environments should be shaped by the people who work in them, not solely by an architect or designer.

‘We conducted interviews and role analysis to gain a working knowledge of Glenigan, which enabled us to tailor the design to meet their needs.

‘In line with the brief, we created a modern flooring scheme based around clean lines, in natural browns and greens to reflect the warmth and stability of the business, as well as echoing the green Glenigan logo.’
Chenille Warp tiles, made from recycled solution dyed nylon, were selected in Retrospective colour scheme, featuring earthy hues of brown and green said to inspire warmth and calm.

Also specified were Paradox tiles, designed for monolithic installation. This method is said to make the carpet edges invisible, creating a feeling of space.

The selected colour, Snake, incorporated tones of brown and taupe, to complement Chenille Warp tiles.

M a p e i offers products for use in offices. Ultrabond Eco Fix is a pressure-sensitive adhesive for securing vinyl tiles to metal or wood access panels, while Ultrabond Eco Tack, a carpet tile tackifier, is designed to secure most types of carpet tiles to wooden and metal access panels. Both products carry the GEV Emicode EC1 for low emissions of VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds).

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