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Don’t Employ Unlicensed Drivers

A WARNING to flooring contractors and other flooring companies about employing unlicensed drivers has been given by Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for THE FUEL CARD GROUP.
He points out that the courts have recently imposed fines in the high hundreds of pounds, but typically only in response to ‘guilty’ pleas and no aggravating factors. The sentence is very much harsher if an unlicensed driver is held responsible for an accident. ‘It makes no difference if the driver is self-employed and using his own vehicle, employers could still be held at least partly liable.
He acknowledges that anyone running vans would carry out a visual check of documentation as part of a hiring process.
‘But after that initial check, the employer only becomes aware of any changes to the licence if the driver notifies them.’
MileageCount fleet management software from The Fuel Card Group is the answer, he says. It is offered with full DVLA checking of driving licences, MOT, tax and insurance.
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