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Easy Tips In Flooring Maintenance

Regardless of how beautiful, shiny and clean your home’s flooring looks, proper care and maintenance is needed in order to obtain that long lasting appeal. A modern home’s charm relies on the style, texture and color that each of its room has. But this is not something that’s permanent. A home’s elegance and pristine features are subject to time’s unstoppable influence. In as much, proper floor maintenance is necessary to keep it looking good. Interestingly enough, there are several easy-to-do steps to getting that perfectly preserved home flooring. It’s all a matter of knowing how to manage daily unwanted factors that cause the flooring damage.

Here are some tips for different types of flooring that you can use to keeping your floor in shape.

• No matter what types of flooring material you have, whether it’s a hardwood, cork, bamboo, or laminate flooring, expect that they will all get dirty and stained eventually. This is something inevitable, and most of the time, external factors are the main sources of damaging grime. To keep your floors looking great, place mats in all entrance and exits, so that dirt doesn’t make it into your house. Make sure that shoes are wiped clean before they are used inside. This way, you can prevent damaging your home’s flooring and be successful in preserving its condition.

• Sweeping your floor regularly is a must if you want keep it in good condition. When you have a vinyl, cork, hardwood, or laminate flooring, consistent vacuuming is necessary to preserve it.

• Remove stains right away by using a towel or rag. As much as possible, prevent it from drying up. Apply warm water so the stain can be easily removed. If that doesn’t work, you can use stain-removing products instead. Just be careful in scrubbing a stain. Overdoing it will just cause further damage or drive the stain deeper into the flooring.

• Apply protective coating to hardwood, cork, laminate and bamboo flooring to shield it from scratches and stain damages. Perform regular waxing to protect your floor from wear and tear. If some damage occurs, quickly fix it. You can either replace the damaged part yourself or get a specialist to do it for you. If in the event you would like to avoid a costly repair, you can use a bottle of nail polish to cover up your floor’s imperfection. Just make sure that they are of the same color.

In addition, here are other suggested do-it-yourself flooring maintenance tips that you can apply in order to make your floor stay in optimum condition.

• Vinegar and water may not be perfect dirt removers and they may not be able to clean up any type of flooring stain, but they are certainly safe to use. Vinegar and water can help keep a floor’s natural appearance.

• Removing Furniture is not easy but try not to pull heavy furniture across the floor when moving or vacuuming in order to prevent causing permanent scratches.

• For hardwood floors, be cautious about mopping with soap and water. This can actually inflate hardwood and contract it, leaving cracks or gaps in the floor. Terry cloth mops should be used in cleaning hardwood floors.

• Approved manufacturer products are the best cleaners to be use on floors. Use a cleaner that is specifically designed the type of floor you have in order to avoid unnecessary damage.