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Eco-Friendly Flooring

Trees are very important in our daily lives. One of the reasons behind this is in connection to the air we are breathing. A tree produces oxygen and at the same time filters it to clean out harmful substances. Given their significance to our health and our environment, why then are people still patronizing tree-derived flooring materials?

The current market is dominated by the sale of different kinds of flooring materials. Among the most frequented are cork and bamboo flooring. Though both of these materials are made from trees, people are still very eager on purchasing them. This is because they do not have to fear about its implications to the ecology. Modern technology has made it possible to create these types floorings without cutting trees. This amazing fete has made environmentalists more secure about their flooring material use. Cork and bamboo flooring are composed of very renewable materials.

Cork flooring is made from the bark of an oak tree. This means that you don’t have to cut a tree in order to make it. Manufacturers only require the bark of the cork oak tree so that they can make cork flooring. Bamboo, meanwhile, comes from a family of grass that easily regenerates. Bamboo flooring is created from specific bamboo specie called the “Moso”, which is not part of any wildlife’s food chain.

Both of these floorings have insect and water resistant qualities that most wood floorings don’t normally possess. Cork flooring and bamboo flooring are also very popular for their elegance and durability. If you desire peace and comfort in your home, cork flooring can amply absorb sounds and provide cushioning to your feet. That would mean less noise and less stress in your home.

Now, in terms of cleaning, you will encounter fewer problems with these types of flooring. Maintenance and care of cork and bamboo flooring is easy. A little wipe for spilled liquid and a vacuum for the dusts are what all you need to do to maintain their beautiful and pristine looks. It would also be helpful if you apply protector pads on the legs of your furniture when you are rearranging them. This is since most heavy furniture leave scratches on the floor and cause irreconcilable damage. A little knowledge goes a long way with cork and bamboo flooring. So don’t be hesitant about making them part of your home and your life.