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Enhancements Can Make All The Difference

Lisa Breakspear, sales & technical director, Fila UK, says flooring contractors can obtain both enhancement
and protection in individual floor finishing products: 

WHEN it comes to floor finishes and sealants, enhancement properties are often considered to be a by-product of protection.

Yet, many products now give equal emphasis on each benefit – providing a valuable source of additional revenue.

Enhancement products range from impregnators, which penetrate into the body of the stone and where the effects are more permanent, to those that form a film on the surface and can be quite hard wearing.

Cosmetic finishing waxes can also be used to change appearance on internal surfaces and can also be layered and easily removed if necessary.

Before specifying a sealant, check that it’s suitable for the installation – and see if there are any products that offer specific benefits. Unlike solvents, which need to be applied to a completely dry surface (or they will effectively trap any moisture in), water-based products can be used on damp surfaces and they’re quick to dry.

Before applying any type of impregnator or sealant, always ensure the surface is completely clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding other criteria and application. Poor application can ruin a stone floor, resulting in a patchy surface littered with sealed in dust, debris and often strands of hair!

This, in turn, will compromise the sealant’s ability to impregnate the surface and make the floor more difficult to maintain. It may, ultimately, also result in an expensive sealant removal job.

Internally, surface waxes can be applied over an impregnator to achieve a variety of looks – from a natural matt finish to a satin sheen or a high shine. As well as creating a distinct lustre, wax can also extend the life of an impregnator and make the surface easier to maintain.

Wax shouldn’t, however, be used outside or in an internal situation where water or high levels of moisture are present; as soon as water or moisture hits the surface, the wax will turn cloudy and begin to fail.

After applying any sealant, impregnator or wax, always ensure that the surface is going to be correctly maintained.

A quality pH-neutral cleaner will give the best possible results, in terms of cleanliness and aesthetics, and will also maximise the lifecycle of any treatments applied.

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