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Exotic Engineered Hardwood Floors: The Best Of Both Worlds

Exotic hardwood flooring stirs the soul and inspires all sorts of possibilities. There is just something about exotic wood floors that we love to have in our homes, and if we could, we’d install it throughout our homes. Most would never dream of that possibility, but exotic engineered flooring can make that dream come true.

Whether it’s Brazilian Cherry flooring, Tigerwood flooring or any of the various types of exotic wood flooring, the wood is rarer, harder to come by and comes at an additional cost than more common, domestic hardwoods. The very word “exotic” tells us that it’s a luxury and that we will likely have to pay more. And while it does come at a premium, you can use less of it, keeping the cost lower.

Exotic engineered hardwood floors use a veneer of exotic wood over a multi-ply construction of wood. Think of plywood, but the top layer being stained and finished.

There are many advantages to this, from having to use less of the premium, more expensive wood to it allowing you to install it in more areas for your home.

Because hardwood flooring is porous, it absorbs moisture from the air or the subfloor underneath. Since a main component of concrete is water, it releases moisture up and if there’s a hardwood floor there, it will absorb and release that moisture.

This is what causes seasonal expansion and contraction, the reason planks will separate and gaps appear. It can also cause warping, buckling and a host of other concerns. But with engineered hardwood flooring, the construction absorbs less moisture and doesn’t allow for the same kind of expansion and contraction.

While there are solid hardwood floors you can install over concrete, they are few and far between. With the options available in engineered wood flooring, especially exotic engineered wood floors, you can’t have to compromise to get exactly what you want.

You can find exotic engineered floors in all species, styles and that are seemingly no different from their solid hardwood floor counterparts. They look the same, they perform in a similar way and when made correctly, can last a very, very long time.

Many of these exotic hardwood floors are also very easy to install. These are called “click hardwood floors” and have a locking mechanism that attaches the planks together. They require no glue and even the most casual of handymen can usually handle the installation of a click hardwood floor in an afternoon. If budget’s a concern, consider doing it yourself and get the exact floor you want.

It’s certainly possible to have a beautiful exotic floor throughout your home and for not nearly as much as you think. And that’s especially the case if you know where to shop for flooring.

What you’ll find when you’re looking for the right exotic wood floor for your home is that you can have the best of both worlds.