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Find the Perfect Laminate Floor for Your Bathroom

When the time comes to find a new floor for your bathroom, you’ll probably seek out design ideas and advice on choosing the perfect floor. No doubt, you’ll hear or read something somewhere that advises against installing a laminate floor in high humidity areas, such as the bathroom. Well, this just goes to show how you can’t believe everything you hear or read because a laminate floor is the perfect floor for the bathroom, as it is for any other room in your home.

Laminate flooring has evolved over the years with new technologies that make it moisture resistant and remarkably durable in high traffic rooms, like the bathroom, where temperature and humidity levels fluctuate routinely. Even occasional puddles won’t cause problems on a laminate floor as long as you don’t let the water stand.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Laminate Floor for Your Bathroom

So, now that you know laminate makes the perfect floor for your bathroom upgrade, how do you pick the perfect laminate floor? Flooring makes a significant impact in a room because of the amount of space it occupies. Even though a bathroom’s footprint is usually much smaller than other living spaces in your home, the same holds true that the floor will greatly influence the room’s look.

In small bathrooms, lighter colors will visually expand the room and work especially well if you have limited natural light. Try a laminate floor in silvery glace laminate or sun-bleached pine for an open, airy feel reminiscent of a quiet beach. Or make your bathroom feel as bright as morning sunshine with the pale yellow of natural maple laminate wood flooring.

If you’ve always dreamed of a natural stone or ceramic floor, opt for some of the great-looking laminate floors in travertine stone, quartz, rugged terracotta or elegant slate. Today’s laminate achieves the realistic look and dramatic beauty of natural stone and ceramic, yet feels comfortable underfoot.

Although lighter colors will brighten up your bathroom, don’t overlook the drama of dark wood laminate flooring like mahogany and walnut, or laminates with high-contrast wood grains like oak. When paired with a stark white or limited palette color scheme, these darker colors offer a subdued, sophisticated elegance.

There are many beautiful finishes available in laminate flooring and, when you consider that laminate is low maintenance, durable and affordable, it’s not surprising that a laminate floor is the perfect floor for your bathroom.

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