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Find the Perfect Laminate Floor for Your Kitchen

No doubt, the kitchen is the hub of your home. Kids, pets, family and friend meals and get-togethers, cooking and kitchen spills – it all takes a toll on your floor. So when you weigh options for a new kitchen floor, laminate is the clear standout for its durability, easy care and budget-friendly price. Laminate also comes in so many colors, styles and natural designs – designs so realistic that they’re hardly distinguishable from real wood, stone and ceramic tile. All in all, laminate flooring is the perfect floor for your kitchen.

In choosing laminate over other types of flooring, your work doesn’t stop there. A floor is a high-impact surface that can make or break the look of a room. With so many laminate choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the selection of a perfect laminate floor for your kitchen.

Use these guidelines to help make your decision easier:

Foot traffic and durability

Laminate floors have evolved to withstand the wear and tear of busy families, yet there are differences in durability. Look for a lifetime limited warranty or 20-30 year warranty that will ensure a beautiful floor free of scuffs, scratches and dings under normal care. A durable laminate floor will also be fade and stain resistant. When it comes to moisture protection, better grade laminate floors are less vulnerable to water damage and can easily handle occasional spills. And you probably want to look for a laminate floor that’s slip-resistant, especially if you’ll be padding around the kitchen in stocking feet.

Color is key

Your perfect laminate floor is going to make a major design statement, so be careful in choosing a color that complements the size and design of the kitchen. Lighter colors always make a room look larger, while darker colors absorb light and create a more intimate space.

Color trends for the next few years show neutrals continuing on their popular trek with gray stepping forward in every tint and shade. Green also enters the neutral zone when it’s tamed by brown and gray undertones. Of course, vibrant palettes always catch the eye and strategically placed bursts of color like energetic red, sunny orange or mysterious cobalt blue can bring a room to life. Choose colors that either coordinate or harmoniously contrast with your kitchen appliances, furniture and wall décor.

Pattern and texture

If your kitchen boasts a streamlined look with sleek, flat-panel cabinetry and smooth stainless steel appliances, add a little contrast with a textured laminate floor that mimics stone. The roughened texture will cut down on surface glare too. The look of genuine hardwood flooring never goes out of style, and laminate flooring today can match the texture, graining and even distressing of real wood. Durable laminate flooring can handle even high traffic areas, so active families can have the look and feel of hardwood with great scratch and scuff resistance. Contrast creates interest, and if you lean towards the artistic side, try mixing and matching laminate pieces for a one-of-a-kind floor.

When shopping for color, pattern and texture, think about how to coordinate your kitchen floor with the floors in adjoining rooms. Here’s one area where laminate flooring will never let you down: The wide variety of design choices in laminate flooring means you can match your home décor seamlessly.

The kitchen floor you choose can beautifully express your sense of design, in addition to being functional and durable. With nearly endless options for every taste or lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect laminate floor for your kitchen.

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