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Finishing Touch

Finishing materials are vital in many flooring installations:

Arboritec supplies AB ceramic fortified lacquers incorporating nano technology. This is the science of using materials at an ultra-small nanoscale (down to 1/100 000 the width of a single human hair) to create new products designed to work better and last longer.

In lacquers this reportedly translates into more thorough penetration, better adhesion with incomparable strength, durability and scratch resistance.

The Arboritec range includes UVElite onsite UV curing lacquer for wood floors, claimed to enable contractors to sand and refinish a floor in one night, leaving it 100% cured in the morning.

The company also supplies Genuine, a two-component, 100% PU, extra matt lacquer which can be used over its Miracle Oil EcoTitan, a new EU Ecolabel single-component commercial lacquer.

Atkinson & Kirby offers Concept and Concept II products made in its Lancashire factory. Both ranges are said to use the finest quality white oak and state-of-the-art finishing methods.

All Concept floors are finished on a bespoke basis using a cocktail of coloured and natural oils, while Concept II is finished with hardwax oil to provide a durability and sense of style. Concept II Elite finishes are designed to offer a more tactile finish with a brushed texture.

Atkinson & Kirby also offers a bespoke colour matching service.

Bona Wave is a new waterborne wood floor lacquer, designed for contractors who prefer a two-component formulation for floors in medium commercial or heavy domestic situations, but where specifying ultra durable Bona Traffic or Traffic HD is not justified. In terms of price as well as durability, this new two-component lacquer sits below Traffic but above Bona Mega.

Wave is said to allow contractors to offer an on-trend, natural looking finish as an alternative to Mega and Traffic. Its high viscosity reportedly allows easy application giving ‘excellent’ levelling properties.

As with all Bona waterborne lacquers, Wave has a very low VOC content (less than 4%). It is NMP free, meets the European DIBt indoor air quality standard and holds the Emicode EC1 classification as a very low emission product. It is available in Gloss, Silkmatt and Matt sheen levels.

Fiddes reports that significant volumes of its hard wax oils are being exported to China, with the establishment of dedicated distribution channels in Shanghai and Dalian.

The company’s hard wax oil range has been successfully tested in accordance with BS 3900 G5, BS 3900 E15 (resistant to liquids and wear), and EN71 (Toy Safety).

Fiddes recently developed several new products, adding to its professional floor coatings range. Its waterbourne flooring lacquers are said to provide the commercial and residential markets with an alternative to more traditional water-based floor coatings.

Designed for use on both solid and engineered wood flooring, Fiddes Premier SP & HP range are said to offer excellent slip, scuff and spill resistance combined with superb clarity and self-levelling properties.

Premier SP floor lacquer is a water-based, one-component self cross-linking polyurethane/ acrylic lacquer, for the surface treatment of wooden floors in residential areas. An SP floor sealer is also available.

Premier HP floor lacquer is a high performance, water-based, one-component self cross-linking 100% polyurethane lacquer for application onto wooden floors subject to heavy wear.

Fila has introduced two protectors to its maintenance range –PW10 and PD15. PW10 is a water-based rising damp protector, for the professional treatment of absorbent materials, including stone and terracotta. PD15 is a stain and dirt-repellent protector for lappato porcelain. Both formulas are said to give high performance protection without altering appearance or forming a surface film.

Applied to the back of tiles before installation, PW10 is claimed to permanently stop salts, tannin and metals from rising through the substrate to the tile surface, whilst allowing the material to breathe. This prevents the formulation of unwanted streaks and stains, says the company.

PW10 is suitable for natural stone, granite, marble, agglomerates, terracotta and other absorbent materials. Tensile adhesion testing, carried out by The Ceramics Centre in Bologna – in compliance with UNI EN 1348-2009 – reportedly confirms the product’s suitability for application to the back of tiles without compromising the adhesion properties of glue and grout.

PW10 supports also Fila’s Green Action project and has low VOC emissions. Permanent protection is also reportedly offered by new PD15. The deep penetrating formula is said to protect lappato porcelain against heavy foot traffic, oil, water-based stains and also restores sheen. Designed for optimum coverage, one litre treats 70sq m and re-application is not required.

Junckers solid wood floors have been chosen as part of a global supply agreement with H&M flagship stores. Working closely with the fashion chain’s store designers, Junckers supplied a premium hardwood floor pre-finished with a very durable black oil stain which reportedly delivers a striking look to the shop interiors.

In high traffic areas, durability and maintenance are key considerations said to be met by Junckers’ very fast drying water-based Top Oil, designed for easy application by cleaning staff on a regular basis.
The company offers custom floors, colours and finishes for special projects, notably in the retail and leisure sector.

LTP recommends its three step guide – restore, revive and retain – to ensure ‘a perfect looking’ tile floor

Restore: LTP Grimex is claimed to get the oldest dirtiest floors back to their original condition, giving them a thorough clean.

The product is a heavy duty grime remover for interior and exterior use. It is designed to effectively remove oil, grease, ingrained dirt grime and old wax layers.

Users are advised to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application. Any alkalinity remaining on surfaces treated with this product should be completely neutralised.
This may be done with a little clean water applied by sponge.

Revive: This involves the use of LTP Glaze Protector, designed to provide a clean and shiny sheen to ceramic tile floors or porcelain.

This product is claimed to enhance the appearance of even the dullest floor. It is reportedly easy to apply, quick drying and eases maintenance on rougher more textured surfaces.

LTP Glaze Protector is described a low maintenance, self-shine, film-forming sealer for all types of tiled floor including glazed or unglazed ceramic, porcelain, unpolished porcelain and vitrified quarry tile.

It is designed to deliver a high resistance to wear and help prevent staining.

Retain: LTP advises finally that a tiled floor treated with Glaze Protector should regularly be maintained with LTP Floorshine to help reinforce protection and ensure the floor retains the ‘just washed look’ and remains clean and looking great.

LTP Floorshine is described as a highly effective maintenance cleaner for all types of porcelain, ceramic and vitrified quarry tiles, offering the ‘just washed’ look when used regularly.

A one-litre container of Floorshine is said to be enough solution to wash a 20sq m floor 40 times.

Osmo UK has introduced Polyx Oil Tints Raw, a lightly tinted finish said to provide an original, untreated appearance for wooden floors.

This finish reportedly not only creates a sought-after look, but also a durable and water and dirt resistant surface. Based on the original Polyx-Oil product, it is designed to retain the natural beauty and character of the wood. Reputedly easy to use and apply, it is also offered as a DIY product.

It allows the floor to remain microporous and able to be touched up to cover any abrasions leaving no visible marks, according to Osmo.

The natural renewable ingredients in this product are said to guarantee even colour spreading and an overall pleasing finish.

Meeting the requirements of EN 71.3 and DIN 53160, Polyx-Oil is reportedly suitable for humans, animals and plants.

Pallmann says its Pall-X Extreme goes where no lacquer has gone before and is extremely versatile.
It can be used as a one- or two-component wood floor lacquer for total flexibility, and offers a broad range of use to satisfy different requirements.

This water-based lacquer is described as fast curing even in the most extreme conditions and suitable for extremely heavy wear areas.

As a two-component version (with the hardener component B) it can be used for very high traffic areas, such as shops, restaurants or schools. In normal to heavy areas the lacquer can be used without the hardener, says Pallmann.

The company’s experts also offer courses on the five steps for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.

The training sessions, held at the company’s technical forum in Rugby, are designed for hands-on experience of all aspects of wood floor installation including the new Pall-X Extreme lacquer. It’s free to attend!

Claiming that its wood floor installation systems are fail safe when used correctly, Pallmann offers a two-year warranty for everyone attending each of its five steps training courses.

Treatex distributor of a quality hardwax oil for wooden floors, has launched a new brand identity, designed to create a strong, clean and unified presence. Colours have been used to differentiate individual products within the Treatex hardwax oil range.

Although the packaging has changed, the tins contain the same high quality products used to enhance and protect countless wooden floors over the last 10 years. Treatex hardwax oil is described as user-friendly, quick-drying, easy to maintain, and above all, providing a hard-wearing and attractive finish.

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